Friday, April 15, 2005

of Rap videos and your Ho

Ass-shaking OST.

This is an OST for a new movie, The Longest Yard. Some big names like Adam Sandler, Nelly and Burt Reynolds? even Loni's 'ehem' fakies has since gave-up on her. Guess he spent all his retirement fund. Anyway, it's a guy(or dykes) movie. Girls, yall can wait for the next installement of Lindsay's or Hillary's poor acting abilities on the next girl-fun-film projects.

The Video. Lotsa blinks as you come to expect from a rap video, the ride, the-making-lotsa-dough-hawking, rappers showing their steroid-buff bodies and or course 'The Blink-Girls' in the usual bikinis and tank-tops. You might be wondering if we have had enough of these videos, the truth is, we don't. Check this site out, Don't check it if your GF is around or during office hours! Doh! Back to the site, of course everything's fake, these are pros acting but it does prove we are seriously addicted to 'The Blink Girls'. Next, the whole Jizzbang on this, girls, you might look into this sub-topic.

We're a couple of guys who pick up girls by posing as CEO's of our own independent record label and video production company. Some girls we find right out on the street, others we get from local ads - but ALL of them end up in our studio wanting to be the star in the next big rap video! To ensure them the best possible chance we convince them to give us a little something 'extra'...

The Jizzbangs
Why we like the 'Blink Girls' ~period. Yup! They does things our Gfs doesn't, those ass-shaking, wriggling boobies moves are earth-shattering(our earth). When was the last time yall girls floor your bf? i meant literally, not punch their lights out. We missed those 'tease'. It could be something 'fun' like when you're taken out to buy a bikini or a tube, and you called your bf to come 'check it out' while you're in the changing room. hurhurhur. sorry. back to reality. yeah, we miss those little 'eye-teasing' while having dinner with a big bunch of office folks and you two are 'sneaking-it-out' on your bosses veneer table. What I hear are all the blokes groans on taking her for shopping, carrying shoes and washing her car. Reward us something or we glue ourselves to 'Blink' videos and naturally, these acts will stray to more adventurous 'acts'. Yall learn it from your expensive gym clubs, those pilates or dancing lessons must be put into some use.

If there's something the 'Blink Girls' have thought us, it's injecting some excitement into your lame relationships which only consists of movies and karaokes on weekends. I'm no Doc Love, but that's what I know I need, whole lotta asses and boobies shaking in my face(think of it as 'loving', girls) and I would prefer it to be from my GF.

the whole article was conceived when Mob1900 took on his 'other' personality, a rich manabouttown whose middle name is 'Kerching!' with an exclamation. now back to his 1st lame life...