Monday, May 02, 2005

Weekend Reminiscence

Pac was God back then!

Nothing much on Friday's, unlike when we were in our late teens(somewhere between 16-19 I guess). We use to look forward for weekends, especialy Fridays and Saturdays, coz it's clubbing nights for us. When we were 16, we hang out at Tea-dances. wtf are tea-dances? The club organises a 'clean' version of clubbing from 3-7pm on Saturdays for underaged kids. They serve sodas and any non-alcohol beverage imaginable. Back then kids were more 'civil', only thing enough to cause a fight would a dance-routine being copied by rival dance-troupe, hahahah, it was stupid, yeah but there's no bottles to be broken in the first place coz everything were served in paper or plastic cups! The kids(us) were mainly government schooled urbanites and has middle-income parents. Everyone took that stupid Toong-Foong bus to D.U. before crossing the Jln. Damansara(of Death, you have two lanes of opposite direction and back then, crossing those can kill you) to Atria where a Disco(forgotten its name, now it's some worn down snooker-parlour) where it has weekend Tea-Dances. It was only when we're were in form 5, we started to drive our father's jalopies down there. Even then it's still cheaper to take that stinky ol bus from Kotaraya to D.U. It was all hip-hop and R&B, the DJs spins Tevin Campbell, Gabrielle(we didnt know who she was back then, really!), S.W.V., SaltNPepper, Alexander O' Neal, New Kids On The Block(no kiddin' hahaha) and the biggest joke of all, Vanilla Ice! And don't forget The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff. They had he coolest hit of all, 'Summertime' and it definately feels like it too, everytime that song ever get airtime. "...summer, summer, summer time! won't you kick back and unwind...". Fuck! I could rap that silly song in my head. Everything was good back then, we get along well with everyone, yes, even the Malays. They were more 'open' back then, the girls were sexy, their boys were.. you know boys. Unlike now, what a pity. Guess they had different role models back then. They were into GQ, skateboarding and anything cool at that time. Waaay before those darn feng-tau music came and screw up eveyone. We only had alcohol and ciggerettes to fuck around with. Weed was very, very scarce, if you have a small packet, all the girls will be yours for the picking. Some of the girls pop 'Roche' pills which I found out later were pills for leukemia patients, the side-effects were 'chills', numb your senses and definately a depiction of 'high'. Goddamn those kids with pharmacists as parents.

The only hardcore we had were Public Enemy, the stupid twerp with a big-clock on his chest or NWA(this ain't no Airline company like from the comedy, Soul Plane)Niggas with Attitude(Easy-E, Dre and the rest of the forgotten early hardcore rappers). RunDMC was way earlier, I bought their original cassette back in the mid eighties! when I was still in primary school! dammit, how could I ever save up and buy is a big mystery.

more on later... my nostalgic moments ended abruptly with those annoying Yahoo! email alerts...