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Selamat. Aman. Makmur.

Fleeting images for this horror lives on. Never forget!

Monday, February 25, 2008


I kept hearing the echoes, over and over again. If you want mine?
I friggin' Do. =)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hidup Barisan Rakyat!

Hot of the stove.
Lai-lai, get it exclusively from Malaysia-Today.

Many thanks to Boon for getting me the emergency creds. Tankiu, tankiu!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

"There are no Biased Media. Never!"

When a Leader lies, his minions will follow...
A desperate Regime holding on to its final breath?
We wish, but still, he's a riot to watch.

original inspiration from The-Malaysian
The real 'former-Iraqi minister', Muhd. Saeed-Sahaf

Friday, February 22, 2008

Election Myth #5: Everyone Have A Price, NOT!

Welcome come back, Mrs. Cili-Padi.
Let's burn Badut Nasional's taste buds to Oblivion, especially Najib's tongue!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back Up The Fighting Force!

Vote ANY Opposition and be proud you did the nation good!
Stronger Opposition means less corruption, more transparency!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Oxford Blunder

Rumor has it, S-I-L is buying himself legitimacy. Pity the poor sod who has to give up his/her fat seat to pave way for him.
Still, we have Chegubard willing take him on where ever this Douchebag goes!
Salut! Chegubard

Rocky's Bru

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Drillbit Dollah: Lethargic Leader!

Please, please don't put us through another Clueless Bureaucrap again.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monday, February 04, 2008

Muhibbah Tagged

I stop writing eons ago and chose to blog via my posters. Simple & effective but I'm brick-walled when I was tagged by Biggie on the 'Muhibbah' initiatives. Using posters will reveal lots of folks I knew and love, plus I do not have their permissions to publish their pics, so being the lazy ass that I am, I hope presenting it via point form would suffice:

- my nannies included an indian family, why I said a 'family'? Because in the old days, they treat me like their own, it doesn't felt like you're in another family. All these for the price of one while mom & dad are away working.
- my first GF was a BumiPuteri, she was in lower 6 and I was a 5th former and let me tell you, our interracial/inter-religion relationship could bring tears to even hardcore 'Sepet' fans.
- my most memorable cikgu, cikgu asiah, we literally grew up with her from form 3 - 5, and she was awesomely MILFY hot! I tell ya, that's the only way boys will get a decent education when she could get the attention of the whole class.. and other classes too. Imagine other classes who had her for certain lessons praised your teach as the hottest chick around. Heard she's all covered up now and a HM now. Auwwww...
- where do you think my sweet BM comes from? Majalah Gila-gila?(Although I was indeed a huge fan of Professor Serba-Tau & Atuk Ujang) I learned as a National School kid with Member melayu/tea-dance kaki/pakai GQ/ lepak ketarpang stall hisap kretek
- I didn't know truly understand what Ketuanan Melayu or NEP was until I was 28.
- I heard stories about about 513 or May13 and thought it was some gang-wars between the chinese clans.
- my doctors are always Indians or Sikhs, as I have grown up believing they're the Best until I found out it also applies at courts too, court of Law  that is.
- Ask any chinese who Brian McKnight was before his 'Back At One' hit, and they'll be clueless. Only  malays and indians knew, so guess what kinda music I listened to?
- No longer do I stereotyped drivers based on race on the road, because it's just doesn't work nowadays.
- the best kuey-teow I had is from a malay pakcik named Awie.
- Kana(short for Kanagarajah), the only indian winger/forward in our basketball team, firefighter dad and Deepavali hangout when we were kids.
- Effendi, crack lotsa jokes, high-school senior-cum-bus-mate, speaks fluent cantonese and totally digs chickas from all races and had plenty. Last time I heard, he works for Latuk Vinsent Tan. lolx
- Our best high-school HM was a Sikh, Mr. Ajmeer Singh and our worst was a 'Canteen AhSoh' (canteen auntie).
- 'Chindians' to us kids was a Mage with +15 Intelligence and + 300 Mana.
- I have always thought our History taught in school was real.
- we listened to racial jokes and laughed at ourselves.
- race-superiority to us is that annoying bugger who had real running shoes, the rest of us ran barefooted during Hari Sukan.
- the best 'House' won and the whole school celebrated during Sports Day.
- dad dedicated 35 years into LLN(we nicknamed Lembu-lembu Negara)Lembaga Letrik Negara, where everyone were based on 'Qualifications' not color of the skin. In fact, if you're LLN Electrician/Technician, you will be Tanned(dark), working under the hot sun. LLN men were highly sought-after and respected during their days. Notice I mentioned LLN not TNB.
- we bought Zainal Abidin's Hijau album.
- Sheila Majid is still the best Jazz/RnB singer ever!
- we chat about last nite's P.Ramlee classics whenever there was a rerun.
- we learned how to say, "have you eaten?" and "fuck you!" in all languages.
- we cheered our badminton teams during Thomas Cups and spit on our national football team. heh
- we were too busy growing up and falling in love than wrestle with racial hate when we were teens.
- Merdeka Day to us is to hit the B. Bintang area to see illegal car races, taunting police and street pondans(trannies). Now you have to stick to Malls or you will trampled by rempits and ahbengs with spray cans.
- Monday assembly at school were to talk about the school's triumph, failure and our Alma Mater.
- festive seasons to us were all about the Holidays and Food.
- cultural costumes(kebaya/cheongsam/saree) to us is comparing which one is sexier.
- getting mistaken for a malay during Puasa month was hilarious.
- UNITY is when we all pounce on that drunken American sailor in a nightclub and still lost, together.
- we hit on ALL ladies, regardless of races in clubs. It was just a matter if she's a wife/gf of someone nasty.
- food exchange during festive seasons begins the moment our moms are available within 3 houses radius surrounding your own.
- everyone knows your accent. "Dey!" "Cilakak!" "Tiu!"
- always thought 'Kaffir' was a famous actor with exotic name.

My Muhibbah tag is a mix-bag of experience which came to me at the moment, there might be more profound and significant ones which didn't make it to this article, for that I apologize and hope it would return to me like this Muhibbah Spirit soon!

With this write, I will tag *jeng, jeng, jeng' - Daphne

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Bus Crash No More!

The 4.6 Billion PKFZ shenanigan is nothing compare the lost of lives. Where is he going to 'Hide' now? Australia again?

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