Tuesday, June 27, 2006

JGTC Race Queens Visits Addaudio

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The hapless JGTC Race Queens, Aki, Hisame and Kaoru has not idea on what they're about to face when they step into Addaudio for a recording session to promote Japan Grand Touring Championship. Jinx the composer led the introduction of our hardy mixed-fluff of horny people to them. Poor girls, I'm sure they had lotsa fun blocking, dodging, parrying all our attacks! Here's the link to a humble documentary made by Jinx to relive that event. Seth is in there too, funny as hell.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Naming Our Cars

[Listening to: Unknown DVD - Unknown - (00:00)]

[Listening to: Unknown DVD - Unknown - (00:00)]

Was smoking downstairs when one of our managers joined us. They were discussing about a client being impressed with their presentation earlier this week and I suggested to one of the exec using his new LANCER which he got at a bargain price to impress the client further when he goes to meet the client on the next meet.

"You should mentioned about this earlier, then I would have bought my Franky today" - Manager

"Franky?" I blurped.

"My Frankenstein"

He named his modded wira(with a 1.8 turbo GSR), 'Franky'.


Then I started thinking about my car...

"Mine's called 'Archie'"

"Archie??" - Manager

"It's old, rattles, hums and a bone-shaker, just like Archie's jalopy" - I explained, it's actually just a wira.

"Ahh, good name" - Manager


Cars with only one working front head lamps - Jasin

Cars buried in landslides - Toyo

Cars which parked double parking spaces and about to be summon - Kudus or Kayveas

Cars with fully tinted glass - Badawi

Old abandoned cars grazing at fields - Rafidah

Cars driven by mostly women - Gilmore Girls

A car that aspires to be more than its worth - Akademi Fantasia, Malaysian Idol, One in a Mill, etc.

Cars that rejects its owners - PDRM

Wrecked cars that attempts to make a comeback after some major over-hauls - Anwar

We should all name our cars. Gives that old metal junk a personality it deserves.
Fun stuff.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Jihad Sites on Malaysian IP

Just receive inside scoops regarding 2 sites endorsing terrorism being hosted on a Malaysian IP, none other TMnet, yes! Our TMsux hosts Terrorist sites!

The IP:

Rwina.com - A Dutch Jihad site. "Dutch goes Jee?" too much smack is no good
Baghdadalrashid.org - Mainly a Jihad forum with Sadam's face as avatars, wow.

Did a 'Reverse IP' on the IP, four domains are hosted on the IP, the other two seems harmless. Finaly you have do a WHOIS on that IP, two 'Malaysia Boleh' names turned up:

person: Azman Ali
address: 20th Floor, Wisma Celcom Semarak
address: Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz
address: 50400 Kuala Lumpur
country: MY
phone: +603-26812075
fax-no: +603-26810186
e-mail: gatekeeper@eastgate.net.my
nic-hdl: AA125-AP
changed: gatekeeper@eastgate.net.my 20050202
source: APNIC

person: mohd Ghazali Sabri
address: 3rd Floor, TM IT Complex
address: 3300 Lingkaran Usahawan 1 Timur
address: 63000 Cyber Jaya Selangor
country: MY
phone: +603-83180322
fax-no: +603-83188061
e-mail: m_ghaza@tm.net.my
nic-hdl: MS283-AP
changed: gmen@tm.net.my 20011126
source: APNIC

Now, imagine a total amateur like yours truly can find out about where a site is hosted especialy just by using 'Reverse IP' tools. In times like this, a mantra easily comes to mind: WWCD

'What Would CIA Do?'

Azman and Ghazali should forfeit their plans to join Akademi Fantasia 5 as hopefuls and go into hiding at Gua Musang, fast!