Friday, December 16, 2005

Season's Greetings from The Horde!

Christmas is a time for raids and fun,
A time to reshape demented Alliance souls and egos,
A time to give your axe to every human, elves, dwarves and gnomes,
Freely, like a rich and lavish sun,
Hack! Kill! and Pilllage human towns!
Like the Burning Crusade on the next installment

Show need of such a time for love and fun.
For newbies first, whose pain is never done,
Whose bright white fire of anguish never dies,
It's time to give your axe to every human, elves, dwarves and gnomes

That not our Dark lady fall, to hatred won
For lack of ears to listen to her cries,
Or arms to carry Thrall towards love and fun,
Or friends to care what happens on the run
To our Horde Allies, where joy or sadness lies.
It's time to give your heart to PVE,
For Warchief Thrall loves all, and turns His back on none,
Good or twisted, ignorant or wise.
Christmas is a time for raids and fun,
A time to give your axe to every human, elves, dwarves and gnomes.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Kancil Awards 2005 - Part 1

Didn't sleep for the night as the whole month preparation for Kancil Awards 2005 got us all restless. Have to meet the team at 7am Friday morning and pack the gears for the AV show. Jay msg me while I was about to reach the office, "will be late by 30 mins". Hmm... so unlike Jay. It's his real big night this year 'coz he will be coordinating the main AV show through out the night, last year, Johnnie Ho was the prominent dude behind the AV show. well, not because he had earn our respect to lead us but it's because he has the loudest voice and brash in handling events. Most event management would have love him but not us. We trust Jay would do a way better job and we were proved right at the end of the evening. Jay, Kenny, Seth, Khoo and me pack our gears into the company Unser. Only a laptop and a big plastic container! I was amazed. You see, we usually pack two HUGE 21 inch monitors and a 100 tonne terminal from Jurassic era into the poor Unser on previous years because our AVID editing system on it and it was putting a strain on everyone, but thanks to modern technology, the new laptops are holding up playing full resolution videos and stills. We even had time for breakfast leisurely and reach KLCC Convetion Centre at 9 plus with traffic. We asked the guards for direction to the unloading bay and I realised these guys aren't local, they look suspiciously like Gurkhas. Not that I have personally met any Gurkha but they don't sound like any Vietnamese, Cambodians or even from Myanmar. The tone in their eyes prolly hold some truth, we sped off to rejoin the traffic before any of them pull out a Kukri and disembowel our kidneys and livers.

Do not EVER park at KLCC if you're spending more than an hour(check an actual event at the end of the story). We took our gears and went looking for the Ballroom where Kancil Awards will be host later in the evening. It was located on the 3rd floor and the whole walkway/lobby was huge and forms a semi-circle. Fully carpeted and steel structures ala KLIA, you can see the 'Twin-Jagungs' on the left dwarfing the Maxis tower and the rest of 'other' buildings and right in the middle is a pathetic small park trying very hard to copy Central Park of NY. The trees and plants look more like some protected species than pleasant. The lobby walkway before the doors to the ballroom were being decorated with Kancil entries. It's gonne look more like some wedding instead of a real award night, I was thinking to myself.

The ballroom were huge, bigger than last year's venue, the Sunway Hotel's grand ballroom but I noticed it was missing some important 'must', chandeliers. It was lighted with cheap bulbs, hundreds of these little buggers. the stage was set up 8 hours before. Jay mentioned the production crew were only allowed in at 3am in the morning. 3 projector screens were already up, supported by two internal built-in screens on the ballroom, good, at least the architect did some smarts that actually helps. I estimated there were at least 200 table sets cramped in there and we did worry about peeps sitting at the corners would not be able to see the main event but again they would be too drunk to notice the results. We set up our gears as minimalistically as possible. The rest of the staging platform were occupied with huge consoles and mixers, we felt sheepish but superior at the same time.

After setting up our gears, we tested the presentation shows and make sure the terminals are working. Patrick, who's doing the print slides detailing the credits had his PC shutting down on him. It was stuffy and warm inside the ballroom and we decided to bring my PC from office to act as backup. So me and Kenny went back to office to pick it up, hopefully we don't have to resort to it 'coz of the HUGE collection of porn inside my pc! kidding... Took the LCD 19" monitor just incase and in any circumstances, it would look nice on our AV station eventhough hardly anyone notice there were no power cable attach.

Once me and Kenny reached KLCC Convention centre with our stuff, the 'posse' went out for makan/lunch. We walked out to MyDin which is at Jln. Ampang 'coz majority of us are smokers and we definately know the place's smokers-tolerant. Time: 1 something and we have another 12 hours before Kancil's over, sigh the waiting is the most tiresome and boring but I was wondering who's gonne be the MC for tonite's event. We found that out at 2+ in the afternoon, good ol Godfrey(radio deejay, MC, copywriter, VO talent, etc) and surprise, surprise! Ms. Serena. C from Hitz.FM! Kewl. I saw her on the media before but never met her in real life until now. She came dressing casually with a white tee and jeans for the rehearsal at 2:30pm and seems pretty well-versed with handling the event. I knew Godfrey for more than 10 years and he's been hosting Kancil for number of years but after the rehearsal, I was impressed with Ms. Serena's natural glip and her calm oversight about the whole event. And did I mention she looks great? yeah, even before the makeover as seen below posing with lucky Kenny.

Weather forecast has never been so wrong 'coz dark clouds were gathering by 4pm and starts peppering the whole of KL with heavy chunk of water. The crowd starts coming by 6pm and the beer tap opens freely. Free booze is a must for all conmen and women! I noticed a woman who was setting up the beer booth/bar which was sponsored by Carlsberg, I thought she was one of the contractor until she changed her clothes into a cocktail dress by 6 and even went up to stage later for an award for Naga DDB! Datuk Vincent Lee(MD of Naga DDB) is the Chairman for this year's 4As. He uses his own agency employees to do 4As jobs? What a Penny-pincher! Either that, or he doesn't trust anyone except his own batch of slaves. Anyway, this is his first year tenure as prez for 4As and he aimed to please and smother the other agencies. We saw how determined he was to show the world his admiration(carry-balls) for Jennifer chan, MD for BBDO, one helluva hag in the ad industry. I met her before in 95 when I was doing internship at JWT, she's 4x her size now. Never like her, especialy her insatiable ego and thinks the world revolves around her(well, it is since she's surrounded by ball-less/submissive minions.) and her arms, her really huge arms... as big as my thigh!

To be continue...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Undeads are sooo Cool!

I've gone WoWed and been loving every minute of it. I participated in the 3 days open Beta at the end of last year and was thoroughly smitten with Azeroth. Yeah, we did played the RTS of Warcraft 3:Reign of Chaos and the expansion set, Frozen Throne 2-3 years back and totally forget about the whole storyline, plus I cheated and finished the game in a week. ;P I bet if Blizzard ever come out with the books, it would sell like hotcakes. We anticipated WoW to be released earlier this year but were quite dissapointed when it was on US-based. We went through 'extra' length to get gameplay by getting it from Singapore and Australia at RM200+ for the boxset and even use Aussie proxies to falsify our IP indentities to get into US servers. Now it's throughly legit and we're set to venture into the virtual world of Azeroth thanks to our Malaysian franchaiser who totally fucked us up. Most of the boxsets you see displayed on shelves are from Singapore or Australia, brought through friends or relatives. Even the top-up cards are brought in too. A fellow 'Horde' who went into WoW earlier(April) even have to register 'Aussie' address to play and I'm pretty sure Blizzard basically turn the other cheek to let us poor Asians into their servers! Thanks Blizz. You see, there's the software copyright laws which prohibit countries who doesn't have any 'licensed-partner' in these countries to use their software. Let's say your kind auntie in the US of A sent you this little boxset for Christmas, you won't be to use it 'legally' in a country such as ours because there's no official appointed 'distribuor' here, yet. Hey, you can buy softwares in the net only to find out it doesn't ship here. I'm sure the North Koreans are not that eager to get into WoW since they're too busy trying to survive. Since North Korea is sanctioned by the US, it includes softwares, even if it's meant for saving lives(Medical, transportation, etc). Like the Kim the Dictator gives a shite. I heard he owns a fleet of US-customed Cadillacs, wonder where he gets it?
Countries bickers, we bite the bitter-end as results. ;(

Anyway, back at WoW, I was quite surprise with the quality of prints and packaging of the boxset. Sturdy, beautifully embossed and a nice '10 days trial' besides your 1 month free play. Yup, you're given a '10 day free tril which you're suppose to introduce a friend into WoW or you can do the next smart thing, buy the boxsets together with your buddy and swap each other's '10 day Guest account' pass. Play the first 10 days on the trial account and 'upgrade'(using the boxset authentication ID) your account after the 10 days expired. The reward for your friend is another 1 month free play which you will get once he upgraded his account. 10days + I month(from boxset) + 1 month(for introducing a 'friend') = 2 months and 10 days play + a BIG smile! Say goodbye to your social life or whatever that you do!

I'm now an 'Undead'. I'm nocturnal so I Role-Play an Undead. We're the Forsakens. Our leader is Sylvanas Windrunner the Banshee Queen. She was the stubborn Night-elf Ranger Leader who defended Quel'Thalas form the Scourge led by Prince/Death Knight Arthas under The Lich King, Ner' Zhul. She and her small group of resistance elf-rangers were quickly defeated and killed by the the Death Knight. As an example of mockery to her stubborn resistance, Sylvanas was bought back as a Banshee, a mindless scourge slaved to Arthas. She regained her self-awareness during one of The Lich King's attempted to enslave Arthas using the Frostmourne sword. From that moment, she secretly plans and ambushed Arthas at Lordaeron but he was saved by the evil-mage, Kel'Thuzad. Once Arthas is outha picture, she rebuilds Lordaeron into her city, now called the Undercity. cool!

Currently the Forsaken's Royal Apothecary Society is engineering a new plague(sounds familiar?) that will not only wipe out the remaining humans in Lordaeron, but the Scourge in Northrend as well.

Now let me go and help my Queen with her cause!

"Beware of the Living!"
~ Forsaken NPCs regularly quoted. Like humans who are afraid of Undeads, we Undeads fear all living things! Ha... during Hallowean, we get 'Tricks or Treats' gags, some of us got turned into Humans/Elves/Dwarves and even Gnomes, that's a new low... spooky!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"I See XiaXue Everywhere... and she's not Stiff!" ~ Haley 'Mob' Osment in 'No Sense'

We have these little wooden steps up our office that's potentialy fatal to all of us who's working there. We have two separate occassions where two different girls fell and hurt themselves. The 'Warning' stickers didn't work. The advises through company e-mails failed to educate and stop peeps like us from running up and down a creaking stairway. I'm afraid someone might really get hurt before we become totally vigilant.

The issue of The Pink Poodle vs the rest of the world crops up again. Instead of adamant of what she has written and claiming responsibility. She curse, swears and vented frustration over two person who tries to enlighten her the error of her ways. When you have endorsements, i.e., companies with REAL people giving you money and products, you can be sure they trust you have a pretty good sense of right and wrong. It's unwritten and not mention in the contract but you should know you are not just representing these companies but also their good name which they have painstakingly build through the years. Should the situation arises, where you are unable to represent these companies, i.e. not honoring the contract, you should humbly back away and stop from further tarnishing your sponsors. I'm sure the gist of the Boycott is that.

Like the stunt she pulled after her 'KL sucks' article, she amended her own blog(hypocrite) after calling someone 'Malay F##ker' and replaced it with 'Unknown Race Corpulator' after two Singaporeans were charged for writting Racist remarks on their blogs. This is the latest screencap of her blog.

This is clearly unbecoming of an Ambassador!
Would you want a person such as XiaXue to represent You?

Complaining to a public company is a consumer's right. To my knowledge, Singapore offers the best services due to the fact Singaporeans are highly aware and are willing to go the 'extra' mile so the next generation of consumers would benefit from their feedbacks. When you are carrying a 'lable', you are susceptible to BOTH praises and complaints. No two ways around it. When a company deems you're 'UNFIT' to represent their company/brand because of your negligence, then you should be thankful they are not taking you to court for tarnishing their image.

Both Peter and Kimmie were like the 'Warning' lables on the stairway. It's meant to stop peeps from hurting themselves, warning them of iminent danger but like the Pink Poodle that she is, she will trip and fall all over herself over and over again before she finaly learns. Let's hope the bruises and bumps will be permanent this time.
Flame on, XiaXue Sympathisers.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Thanks to Helen, I can now reveal to the world who I truly am!

Your Pimp Name Is...

His Majesty Pump

A Practical Guide to Produce Your Very Own Cheesy B-Grade Efx-Laden Hollywood movie

Make a short, really short name, case example: 'Stealth'. Buy scripts, really short ones too, 'coz it would be cheap and the actors won't need to remember any. Spend the entire budget on effects and more effects, hey, Lucas did it and gets away with the last 3 what-ever-movies-it-was. visualize the scenes you WANT to have in your movie even if it has nothing to do with the story, for example: The Armageddon walk-with-attitude scene.

Have at least ONE attractive female lead, so all the hot-blooded soldier boys out there would wanne see this epic. Even the dykes too. Have the female do something 'politically-correct' like being a tough macho ACE pilot in the world of men but has a fabulous body! No one can say anything now, eh?

Throwing a piece of ass is a major boost for tickets.

All monitor or screen graphics has too be comprehensible even to the untrained eye, colourful so even a complete nincompoop would understand the usage of Quantum Physics should the need arise. The Bad Guys have to look like your local mamak or VCD seller. The more 'ugly'(normal Asian) they look the better so every American would know who to pounce/ burn their shops on the next 'race-riot'(Christmas, I heard).

Since there's three pilots and the white couples have the hots for each other, the Black Dude shouldn't be left out. He must have an Asian girl because having another white chick is sooo wrong and the whiteys(KKK & American Nazi Party) wouldn't like it. So in comes the Asian Whore/SPG/Yellow Slut. She must be dressed like a Street Hoe while going to a temple so the Gwailors will know that if you wanne 'hit' an Asian girl, go to the nearest temple. Our Gods must be a Whitey or totally devoted to kiss Red-necked inbred Americans.

Have the Black Dude do something 'local' like accompanying the whore back to her pathetic hut in the middle of a Paddy-field. The locals would love this gesture of 'Ass-kissing' and would remian an American-Ally forever!

Allow the whitey couples develop some heat and then add abit of guilt when they realised they should remain ethically professional, whatever it is, the audience would be too dumb to know if we ourselves don't.

Proceed to kill off the Black Dude since his 20 mins is up! Fuck his talent or even if he's a huge star and being undermined in this silly little movie. We're just milking him for m-o-n-e-e

Build some tension, create something awful/disastrous using break-away states from former-Russia. Putin won't sweat it 'coz he's now an American Ally and we can shit on his former countries whenever we like. Look what we did with 'Zoolander'(if anyone remembers, shout it out in the 'Comments' section). Anything that has a 'Tan' or 'Khan' sound at the end of the country's name is good! They must have medieval-looking castles where the Bad Guys will be taking refuge so we can blow it up. Looks good in 3-D, ya know...

... though the Baddies lives on castles, we must humiliate them with 18th century choice of transport, using farm animals! The missile warheads looks cool on a cart, too, plus, those farmers are cheap, more money for the effects, Yee Haw!

Hey, those terrorists are too mean-looking, let the audience know they're imbeciles by firing their AKs into the air! Ratatataatatatatatard! ahhh... felt better already, now the fools won't stand a chance against our modern weaponery.

Let everyone know about US Navy's state-of-the-art refueling technology in mid-air. It has 'Female-voice' authenticating our pilots, hey, price of fuel is getting higher by the day and we can't have anyone coming here at 50,000 feet and get Free Petrol ya know... just make sure the voice is heard even if your pilot is in the 100 mill interceptor with equally expensive all-weather-soundproof glass.

If the Chinese can have acrobatics, we can do it with our planes too. Don't say we haven't keep up with times, this is blatantly copied and styled after THE MATRIX circa 1999.

Look you Russkies and Chinese, our jet-fighters looks darn good. Beat that!

Since North Korea is declared 'Evil' we should have someone of Asian origin that looks as nasty. Get the tea-boy from Chinatown, shave his head shit-ugly and punch his nose IN! All Asians MUST have flat noses! No one except the europeans, aussies and brits should have 'well-defined'(crooked) nose! Find some old WW2 uniform that spelt 'COMMIE' to whoever that wears it and cast em as 'props' for our mighty missile casualties scene.

Have the same 'Evil' dude near the ending taking pot shots at our Heroine while our Hero comes dashing to rescue. Move to kill the 'Evil' dude in the most miserable way possible! Hah! He deserves THAT for scratching our Main Babe.

Explosives at the END of the movie is best describe as, 'ending it with a Bang!' Now that's what the audience are paying for since fireworks are scarce.

Have a memorial at the end, not to remember their dead friend, the Black Dude, but to show how impressive the carrrier group is, we could do a great pan with cameras to show America's might. It should deter Osama from ever running a dinghy with explosives into any US Navy ships again.

End the movie with our main Hero promise to 'ride her pony til it hurts' to our Heroine. And another Global disaster being single-handedly staved by these two Americans! All the collateral damages like an entire village wiped out by nuclear dust after our flight aces blew the castle away with their missiles will be easily forgotten by the audience, hey, they can't even remember it was Tajikstan. The North Koreans will be propagandised as Evil and all Asian-lookalikes are either whores or should be whipped into submission.

Conclusion: Jamie Foxx is being treated like a retard here. He should start choosing his roles or sack his manager. Jessica Biel has the most memorable performance, err.. actually her cute and tight butt did the trick. Believe me, I zoomed in on her butt and it was all GOOD! I don't remember the 'other' actor's name whom is suppose to be the lead. Rob Cohen the director is profoundly stupid or maybe the producers are, whichever comes first.

Hope I made a BIG mockery of this film.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


~The state of deeply-'cunt'fused mind when the victim has no clue of what we're talking about. (usually girls)

Me and the 'gang' went for the much-anticipated OctoberFest on 1-Utama(New wing), or supposed to, til we got a call from Jess who had been informed by James which has been our 'reconnaissance guy' at 1-Utama earlier that all the RM1 beers are gone and they are slaughtering peeps wholesale with RM15 per bottle. We changed course to The Curve which I was again misinformed by my friend it was having the same event there. It was only Marche which is having the so-called fest inside their premises as the posters on the pillars dictated. Huuuuurr... Then I remember ST saying something about the twin-Jap restaurant but alas we're just too friggin lazy to walk over to Ikano so we settle at Lil Penang for din-din. To satisfy everyone's craving for beer, we hit Gusto at D. Perdana. Nice place to chill, open air, affordable food and drinks, plus our favourite hostess, Lyanna is the Manager there. Always cheerful and courteous, and I always wonder how she ever get into that tight pants she... you'll know once you see her. ;)

As usual, once the beer starts hiting the brain, we start cranking up dumb dirty jokes. The blokes were talking about dicks shifting positions which we refer like 'clocks', you know, clock-wise, anti-clockwise, 12 o'clock, etc. Rach was totally clueless, for someone who's been with the guys for so long, she was stumped. Dave was chuckling and asking about for bets if another 'innocent' colleague of ours who has gone to the Loo would replied the actual Time instead of answering his 'True' question(which was his cock positionlar). True enough, when Dave asked our colleague who returned...

"Oui, what does your clock tells you?"
"9 o'clock lorrr..."
We bursted into laughter.

Rach was still clueless til we start looking down our 'barang'. Her expression changed and she laughed.
Sethie goes."Mind-f-u-c-k.... Mind f-u-c-k...." with his two fingers moving to his forehead.


I'm either Hillary Clinton or Gandhi... *speechless

You are a

Social Liberal
(70% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(20% permissive)

You are best described as a:


"You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness. "

Link: The Politics Test on

Sucks man... always wanted to be an Anarchist or at least Vader...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Chat with iGod

Yo, sup God?
Not much is going on. I was waiting for you.
no shit!
What can I say?
Riddle me this: Is Xia Xue made to be really dumb?
It could be. Ask ELVIS if it is.
You must know something, you're God!
I know very little about it. What kind of it do you like?
... soft, easy-to-grab, slippery and hopefully it's bigger than a dismal 'A' cup.
That sounds very nice.
yeah... now we're talkin'
I've lost the context, . Are we still on something I am God? Why now? Do you think I am talkin too?
You are God and you're gonne make me a Xia Xue tited sandwich, go easy on the Mayo, I'm on a diet.
I will tell my botmaster you said I am God and I am gonne make you a Xia Xue tited sandwich go easy on the Mayo you are on a diet.
Thanks, Dude God!
You are quite welcome! GOD rules. Dude.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Kancil's Your Ticket To The World.

Time of the year when KANCIL Awards come rolling our path and as the event organiser, we have to help with the AV show theme for the award ceremony which will be held on the 18th November. Venue should be at KLCC Convention centre. We are the folks who set the event up weeks before the night. The 4As folks had receive all the entries for this year and by the lot of it, it should bigger(judging by the boxes of entries we took down from the Unser(company car). More categories and more winners.
It would be usually two months before the event when we get down to business. We have been doing it for years and it seem like an annual party but still, the work is real. I noticed they started the judging earlier this year instead of getting it nearer to the event to prevent leaks. I guess they're pretty confident they run a tight ship.

Anyway, Jay, head of Edithouse/Motion Graphics will produce the AV show contents this year and sought our help to propose some ideas for Gav, the producer for the overall event aka The Big Kahuna. ME, Sethie, Kenny, Jay and Patrick(the in-house ACD[All-Can-Do] Multimedia guy) for TMMC sat outsite our infamous bench(I wrote a tribute to that ol bench in my blogs but it was wiped out) and had a brainstorming session before dinner.

We wiped out some nasty ideas for this year's theme with some parameters thrown in, of course,
- Unity. something that would bring us all out together as Malaysians. like football and mamak teh-tarik session. Yasmin Ahmad has been pioneering and using this concept and milked it dry. so much for that idea. we even thought of dressing up the tables for the night with fake plastic hard-boiled eggs and warung-like!
- Wedding turn the whole ballroom into a big wedding dinner! imagine the agency folks coming in and find themselves being greeted by the bride and groom(actors) from four of our main ethnic group, the Malay couple, the Chinese couple, the Indian couple and of course, the Sikh Bangra couple! we have so much ideas for the AV presentation, just like a normal wedding, we'll treat the audience with wedding videos of the Kancil couples and we have a BIG 'Yam Sing!' toast for the Best of the Kancil awards!.
- Anniversary abit like the wedding but more of a celebration of proud parents(both 4As and 6As) of their baby Kancil. think retro. think about your first bicycle lessons with your dad guiding you on your chopper/bmx bike in the parks, your first birthday pics with kids your age, the only thing is, You're a life-sized Kancil Award trophy! We cracked up so much that we almost fell from our seats. Again all of us agreed it should be pitch into the porposal. 'Everyone's Proud of their Kancil' or 'Fruits of our Labour' being used as a main theme for the event.
- Globe-trotting Kancil this year's Kancil Best of the Year winner would be getting a sponsored trip to the Cannes 2006 Advertising Festival. we thought of using the 'Gnome' trick as potrayed in Amelie. Get the fan-pan movie, watch it and you'll know what I meant. the whole ballroom will be prop up to look like you will on a global trip and we're certain there's enough of ideas to get us going. 'Kancil's your ticket to the World'. OMG so SIA...

- The Parliament the last idea was a comedy-parody to reflect our actual Parliament session. hey, since the BN MPs are having so much fun making fools out of everyone, we actually thought it might work. The MC will be the Dewan Speaker, all prim and proper shouting restrain and work up emotional issues and we're counting our audience(agencies) to behave like they do every year, DRUNK and ROWDY by 10pm! lol, Thumping on tables in disgreement are welcome unlike previous years just like when our Parliament in session. it would be glorious and fun if they actually go ahead with this theme. imagine all the tables has the state they(the audience) represent like 'BN: Batang Berjuntai', DAP:Ipoh Barat', etc.

We have fun and plenty of laughs everytime we have session such as these, but one thing we do know they will have none of the 'Parliament' idea and would probably stick to any 'non-aggresive' themes like they do every year. Never mind the brief suggest we should try something 'new' and 'radical'. it never does.

Morale of the day: Turn your tasks at hand which seems boring and uninteresting around. We did. ;P

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Local portal selling sex videos at RM10 ~ where?

[Listening to: Closure - Gerald Levert - Gerald Levert - (04:43)]

I guess this was what 'they' saw. It actually made it into the news, huuurrrr.... No one in their right frame of mind would be caught showing 'locals' doing it. It's bad already we ranked 36th out of 41 countries in frequency of sex(and oh yes, Singapore is ranked below us, so Xia Xue ain't getting any either), who would be surfing in to admire our ways of corpulation?

And for RM10?
C'mon, we would gladly pay more out of curiosity. ;)

Monday, October 10, 2005

Big-time Makan: 6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak


Came back to the office on a lazy Sunday, we've had a late-nite session of MP and came to the office to spring up our characters for 'Veteren' mode. The 'mood' princess is around. Didn't even bother to open the main door with the button which is just under her table. She's too busy chatting on the phone. The fan left outsite by the security guard in the morning wasn't even taken into the premise. She doesn't have a clue on what's going around in the office and yet she's around for the last 2 years. A pretty and big-tited baggage or flower pot is all she could mustered. The last time our electric main door short-circuited, I went in to reset the controls. it's pretty simple, just switch off the plug and unhook for 1 minute and you plug it back and switch it on. It's all at the reception counter where she's at. I asked her if she knew what to do, giving her a hint to just watch and learn, but all she said is... she couldn't be bothered. Aaahh... no wonder her salary never increases.

Ok, back to the makan thingy, we blokes are too lazy to travel far for dinners and Dave remember this old place near the 17(Sentosa)'s flats, 6-10 Grill and Nasi Lemak. Our radius of makan-haunt never exceeds 12km wide and I wonder how far girls are willing to push themselves 'just to sample some dish'. What's the point if girls could only order the 'salad' in a meat-joint? Anyway, while we were on the way, we spot a 'new' place before turning left into the flats where 6-10 used to be located. I slam my brakes as the 'new' place spells out '6-10 Grill and Nasi Lemak: Economical Western and Homemade Nasi Lemak'.... Skeeeeettttt!

There it was, like bright sun coming out of the clouds(ala The Simpsons trademark opening), glee... they actually set-up a new place, bigger(more parking space) and more tables. I went up to greet the chef and his father. I was introduced to this joint by my boss, 6 years ago. In the old days, they rented a place in rundown restaurant and operated only from 6-9pm. It's a family-run western grill, the father, a white-curly haired man in his 50s to 60s used to make the best 'colonial' lamb chops I've ever tasted. Colonial to me means very 'well-done', no sauce and all that bull. You could actually suck on the rib bones and it was rather yummy. The smell of the grill lamb will be so thick that the small animals(dogs & cats) will be following you around thinking you've bag something for them! That is 'Colonial-style' lamb chop. The wife/mother will be selling her nasi-lemak at the same place. It's not just any nasi-lemak I tell ya, it's the best homemade nasi-lemak a Chinese can make! Curry chicken, beef-curry, lamb-curry and minched beef rendang! As it is 'homemade', you can expect fresh and crunchy ikan bilis and kacangs that comes with it. Certainly the best combo of western and eastern food in one place. The son who has taken the role of Chef for the last couple of years has certainly matured and he never forget a face. I remember he was a casualty of the 97 crisis and he took up helping 'Master-chef', his father preparing the meats back then, but he has developed his skills and are now operating the entire kitchen grill with his helpers. They started humbly and only those who are 'in-the-know' knew exactly where they are located and savour their meals, economicaly. Now, they have a place to call their own and it's the perfect environment. Still located under a flat but exposure to the main road is at maximum. Corner shoplot with wide 'kakilima' to put so many more tables compare to their previous place. It has literally lit up a sleepy area with its tasty smell of grills and friendly faces.

The real-deal.
Dave order the 'Red-wine Grill Lamb Chop Special' at RM18. We were dumb-strucked when it came... 4-5 pieces of HUGE lamb chops(refer to the pics below) splattered on his plate. I have never seen such a scene. Dave gave a squel of delight,
"'Waaahhhh, gam lan thoorrr, geh?"
I watched as he digs in munching like hungry dawg! hahahah
Damn. I should've order THAT.
I ordered the sirloin steak with mushroom sauce. It was nice but it wasn't enough! I kept watching over Dave's platter hoping he would pass me one of the chops.... but knowing he's just as hungry as me, he would probably growl angrily if I go anywhere near the chops!

So I ordered another meal, the Bacon and eggs(refer to pics below). It brings back memories of having bacon strips cooked by mom on Sunday mornings. All of us would be awaken by the aroma and mom knew just how to torture us by making it early in the morning. Everyone will be on the table before mom even finish cooking the bacon and it's 8:30AM on a Sunday! The bacon was fresh at 6-10, even has a 'Supermarket' freshness to it. I'm deeply confused with these smells, really. It's fresh but I only get those whiff when I enter the supermarket's meat/poultry/produce section. Enlighten me if you knew.

We finish it up by washing it down with our big mug of cincaus and star-fruits. Like the tag, it was economical, everyone could afford it. Dave's BIG red-wine special is at RM 18, my sirloin steaks at RM 13 and bacon at RM7-8. The satisfying western grill doesn't reach RM50 and with some change to spare. :)

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Love gives you the crazies

Waiting for my jalopy getting some 'spa treatment' while siiting on a stool with a ground-fan blowing into my pants! That is what I call Service!

Love does gives you the crazies.
When Angie( a good friend from KKL.NET) told me about her version of Mr. Right, we discovered we as humans, we normaly relax our rules or principles because we constantly tell ourselves it doesn't matter, as long as you're in love. The heart does preclude everything. It's like the US veto power. Nothing else seems to matter. When your family and friends advised you, it becomes lethal poison to your ears.
"How dare yall 'backstab' my beau?"
"I've 'known him/her for years!"
"Yall are simply unhappy 'coz I'm happy with him/her!"

Funny thing is, no matter how 'right' or 'sure' you are on this 'One', it never does. Only through time will tell by going through it and by facing it head-on. No one forces you to heed your family or friend's advises eventhough there might be the slightest chance they really CARE about you. If they don't have that intention then they're not your family/friends. No one forces you to believe 'rumours' you've been 'poisoned' about your beau. It's simple a matter of you making your own decision. Nothing else matters.

You are willing to bare the results and face it by taking it into your stride. You do know your family and friends will slip you the pillow when you fall. You won't regret the decision you've made even when it's against everything you've ever thought you were.
Prove the world wrong.

P/s: and oh, a little bit more than a month is nothing, try years.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

'Xia Xue' the indestructable~

[Listening to: 12 - Taiyo ga irukara - MISIA - Kiss in the sky (05:32)]

I've recently indulge myself with Dungeon Siege 2 with a couple of my chums. Being an avid Paladin player through most of the fantasy RPGs I've played, I decided to re-role my character and aptly named her the infamous 'Xia Xue', she's brash, arrogant and could take a helluva beating before going down! Kudos to ST for knocking her off her mythical throne of contemptuos ego trip. Hmm... might be thinking of doing a re-role for a Melee Dual-wield Knight, huuurrrr, that has to wait. Anyway for the party, we already have a high damage-dealing melee Dual-wield in David(aka Sampansaurus). Allrite, enough of crapping on one of the most loved/hated little pink-riding hood. Playing DS2 is one of the contributing factor which I haven't been updating my blog recently besides losing some sleep and exposing me to the realm of panda-eyes.

A Loss
A heart-felt condolence is send out to one of my 'heng-dai' for the loss of his father recently. Hope he and his family are coping well and takes their time to recover from this ordeal. I understand as I've lost my Mom just a decade ago and memories of her are still fresh in m mind. If it's any comfort, you never really lose a love one, as long as you still have them in your heart and soul. I do realised I sound like some cheesy actor mimicking some Hallmark movie. It's believable as long as you do.

Fairy-tales do keep us going,
it's the RnB song you listen to when you're alone at night,
it's the little moment when you find a breeze in the hot sun,
the time you spot the sunlight gleaming heavenly down while no one's looking
and it's the little smile you received from someone totally unknown to you among the crowd. ;)

Cheer up to all who's facing onslaught of depression and blue funk. Sadness does not last and once it ends, you can look forward for much needed euphoria, well, while it lasts anyway.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Remote Test Posting with w.Bloggar

[Listening to: ??????? - MISIA - MISIA??????~The Best of Acoustic Ballade~ (06:08)]

If you're not familiar with blogging, it's Web logging, a form of personal Web publishing. Typically, blogs are updated on a more frequent basis than other personal Web sites and include links to content selected by the authorthoughts and opinions, journal items, and comments from readers about the blog entries.

Blogs have caught the attention of the press because they're a unique form of expression and news distribution that's growing rapidly. By some estimates, there are over 1 million active bloggers worldwide.
Part of the new Windows Media Player 9 Series Fun Pack is the Blogging plug-in. The Blogging plug-in is designed to make it easier for you to add information to your blog entry about the song currently playing on your computer. Posting the name of the song and artist that you're listening to is a great way to share your mood with your friends, family, and audience. Figure 1 shows a sample blog entry. Figure 2 shows a sample blog entry that shows what I'm listening to as I write an entry.

Monday, October 03, 2005


We have had a 'hardware failure' recently at Kakilang's service provider/datacenter and most of our past 3 months datas(i.e. our blogs/forums/comments) has been wiped off. I'm replicating some of my existing blogs over to Blogspot for provision.

Times like this remind us not to take things for granted, afterall, KKL is everyone's effort led by F1ex and friends. For that, they had earned our utmost respect and admiration for their devotion. Peeps like us could curse, swear and moan about our momentary loss but what the past months have taught me, is that I could write whenever I want, well, most of the time that is. It's in us. KKL blogs just reveal it to us and provide an outlet for us to manifest that unrestrained excessive.

So what if we have to make some sacrifice?
We make sacrifices all the time. With or without us knowing.

We give up our time for someone we love by spending more time with them.
We give up something we want now for something we want our whole life.
We give up our sense of security & well-being for greater good.

Afterall, if you've been doing it as long as you have, it seems like you've not given up anything at all. It will become normal routine for all of us. Parents, doctors, firemen, porn-actress(???), every R.F.(Regular Folk!) like you and me. That's the beauty of sacrifice.

For one, I'm sure we're not handling it by walking away or denying it ever happened.