Monday, October 03, 2005


We have had a 'hardware failure' recently at Kakilang's service provider/datacenter and most of our past 3 months datas(i.e. our blogs/forums/comments) has been wiped off. I'm replicating some of my existing blogs over to Blogspot for provision.

Times like this remind us not to take things for granted, afterall, KKL is everyone's effort led by F1ex and friends. For that, they had earned our utmost respect and admiration for their devotion. Peeps like us could curse, swear and moan about our momentary loss but what the past months have taught me, is that I could write whenever I want, well, most of the time that is. It's in us. KKL blogs just reveal it to us and provide an outlet for us to manifest that unrestrained excessive.

So what if we have to make some sacrifice?
We make sacrifices all the time. With or without us knowing.

We give up our time for someone we love by spending more time with them.
We give up something we want now for something we want our whole life.
We give up our sense of security & well-being for greater good.

Afterall, if you've been doing it as long as you have, it seems like you've not given up anything at all. It will become normal routine for all of us. Parents, doctors, firemen, porn-actress(???), every R.F.(Regular Folk!) like you and me. That's the beauty of sacrifice.

For one, I'm sure we're not handling it by walking away or denying it ever happened.