Saturday, October 22, 2005


~The state of deeply-'cunt'fused mind when the victim has no clue of what we're talking about. (usually girls)

Me and the 'gang' went for the much-anticipated OctoberFest on 1-Utama(New wing), or supposed to, til we got a call from Jess who had been informed by James which has been our 'reconnaissance guy' at 1-Utama earlier that all the RM1 beers are gone and they are slaughtering peeps wholesale with RM15 per bottle. We changed course to The Curve which I was again misinformed by my friend it was having the same event there. It was only Marche which is having the so-called fest inside their premises as the posters on the pillars dictated. Huuuuurr... Then I remember ST saying something about the twin-Jap restaurant but alas we're just too friggin lazy to walk over to Ikano so we settle at Lil Penang for din-din. To satisfy everyone's craving for beer, we hit Gusto at D. Perdana. Nice place to chill, open air, affordable food and drinks, plus our favourite hostess, Lyanna is the Manager there. Always cheerful and courteous, and I always wonder how she ever get into that tight pants she... you'll know once you see her. ;)

As usual, once the beer starts hiting the brain, we start cranking up dumb dirty jokes. The blokes were talking about dicks shifting positions which we refer like 'clocks', you know, clock-wise, anti-clockwise, 12 o'clock, etc. Rach was totally clueless, for someone who's been with the guys for so long, she was stumped. Dave was chuckling and asking about for bets if another 'innocent' colleague of ours who has gone to the Loo would replied the actual Time instead of answering his 'True' question(which was his cock positionlar). True enough, when Dave asked our colleague who returned...

"Oui, what does your clock tells you?"
"9 o'clock lorrr..."
We bursted into laughter.

Rach was still clueless til we start looking down our 'barang'. Her expression changed and she laughed.
Sethie goes."Mind-f-u-c-k.... Mind f-u-c-k...." with his two fingers moving to his forehead.