Monday, October 10, 2005

Big-time Makan: 6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak


Came back to the office on a lazy Sunday, we've had a late-nite session of MP and came to the office to spring up our characters for 'Veteren' mode. The 'mood' princess is around. Didn't even bother to open the main door with the button which is just under her table. She's too busy chatting on the phone. The fan left outsite by the security guard in the morning wasn't even taken into the premise. She doesn't have a clue on what's going around in the office and yet she's around for the last 2 years. A pretty and big-tited baggage or flower pot is all she could mustered. The last time our electric main door short-circuited, I went in to reset the controls. it's pretty simple, just switch off the plug and unhook for 1 minute and you plug it back and switch it on. It's all at the reception counter where she's at. I asked her if she knew what to do, giving her a hint to just watch and learn, but all she said is... she couldn't be bothered. Aaahh... no wonder her salary never increases.

Ok, back to the makan thingy, we blokes are too lazy to travel far for dinners and Dave remember this old place near the 17(Sentosa)'s flats, 6-10 Grill and Nasi Lemak. Our radius of makan-haunt never exceeds 12km wide and I wonder how far girls are willing to push themselves 'just to sample some dish'. What's the point if girls could only order the 'salad' in a meat-joint? Anyway, while we were on the way, we spot a 'new' place before turning left into the flats where 6-10 used to be located. I slam my brakes as the 'new' place spells out '6-10 Grill and Nasi Lemak: Economical Western and Homemade Nasi Lemak'.... Skeeeeettttt!

There it was, like bright sun coming out of the clouds(ala The Simpsons trademark opening), glee... they actually set-up a new place, bigger(more parking space) and more tables. I went up to greet the chef and his father. I was introduced to this joint by my boss, 6 years ago. In the old days, they rented a place in rundown restaurant and operated only from 6-9pm. It's a family-run western grill, the father, a white-curly haired man in his 50s to 60s used to make the best 'colonial' lamb chops I've ever tasted. Colonial to me means very 'well-done', no sauce and all that bull. You could actually suck on the rib bones and it was rather yummy. The smell of the grill lamb will be so thick that the small animals(dogs & cats) will be following you around thinking you've bag something for them! That is 'Colonial-style' lamb chop. The wife/mother will be selling her nasi-lemak at the same place. It's not just any nasi-lemak I tell ya, it's the best homemade nasi-lemak a Chinese can make! Curry chicken, beef-curry, lamb-curry and minched beef rendang! As it is 'homemade', you can expect fresh and crunchy ikan bilis and kacangs that comes with it. Certainly the best combo of western and eastern food in one place. The son who has taken the role of Chef for the last couple of years has certainly matured and he never forget a face. I remember he was a casualty of the 97 crisis and he took up helping 'Master-chef', his father preparing the meats back then, but he has developed his skills and are now operating the entire kitchen grill with his helpers. They started humbly and only those who are 'in-the-know' knew exactly where they are located and savour their meals, economicaly. Now, they have a place to call their own and it's the perfect environment. Still located under a flat but exposure to the main road is at maximum. Corner shoplot with wide 'kakilima' to put so many more tables compare to their previous place. It has literally lit up a sleepy area with its tasty smell of grills and friendly faces.

The real-deal.
Dave order the 'Red-wine Grill Lamb Chop Special' at RM18. We were dumb-strucked when it came... 4-5 pieces of HUGE lamb chops(refer to the pics below) splattered on his plate. I have never seen such a scene. Dave gave a squel of delight,
"'Waaahhhh, gam lan thoorrr, geh?"
I watched as he digs in munching like hungry dawg! hahahah
Damn. I should've order THAT.
I ordered the sirloin steak with mushroom sauce. It was nice but it wasn't enough! I kept watching over Dave's platter hoping he would pass me one of the chops.... but knowing he's just as hungry as me, he would probably growl angrily if I go anywhere near the chops!

So I ordered another meal, the Bacon and eggs(refer to pics below). It brings back memories of having bacon strips cooked by mom on Sunday mornings. All of us would be awaken by the aroma and mom knew just how to torture us by making it early in the morning. Everyone will be on the table before mom even finish cooking the bacon and it's 8:30AM on a Sunday! The bacon was fresh at 6-10, even has a 'Supermarket' freshness to it. I'm deeply confused with these smells, really. It's fresh but I only get those whiff when I enter the supermarket's meat/poultry/produce section. Enlighten me if you knew.

We finish it up by washing it down with our big mug of cincaus and star-fruits. Like the tag, it was economical, everyone could afford it. Dave's BIG red-wine special is at RM 18, my sirloin steaks at RM 13 and bacon at RM7-8. The satisfying western grill doesn't reach RM50 and with some change to spare. :)