Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"I See XiaXue Everywhere... and she's not Stiff!" ~ Haley 'Mob' Osment in 'No Sense'

We have these little wooden steps up our office that's potentialy fatal to all of us who's working there. We have two separate occassions where two different girls fell and hurt themselves. The 'Warning' stickers didn't work. The advises through company e-mails failed to educate and stop peeps like us from running up and down a creaking stairway. I'm afraid someone might really get hurt before we become totally vigilant.

The issue of The Pink Poodle vs the rest of the world crops up again. Instead of adamant of what she has written and claiming responsibility. She curse, swears and vented frustration over two person who tries to enlighten her the error of her ways. When you have endorsements, i.e., companies with REAL people giving you money and products, you can be sure they trust you have a pretty good sense of right and wrong. It's unwritten and not mention in the contract but you should know you are not just representing these companies but also their good name which they have painstakingly build through the years. Should the situation arises, where you are unable to represent these companies, i.e. not honoring the contract, you should humbly back away and stop from further tarnishing your sponsors. I'm sure the gist of the Boycott is that.

Like the stunt she pulled after her 'KL sucks' article, she amended her own blog(hypocrite) after calling someone 'Malay F##ker' and replaced it with 'Unknown Race Corpulator' after two Singaporeans were charged for writting Racist remarks on their blogs. This is the latest screencap of her blog.

This is clearly unbecoming of an Ambassador!
Would you want a person such as XiaXue to represent You?

Complaining to a public company is a consumer's right. To my knowledge, Singapore offers the best services due to the fact Singaporeans are highly aware and are willing to go the 'extra' mile so the next generation of consumers would benefit from their feedbacks. When you are carrying a 'lable', you are susceptible to BOTH praises and complaints. No two ways around it. When a company deems you're 'UNFIT' to represent their company/brand because of your negligence, then you should be thankful they are not taking you to court for tarnishing their image.

Both Peter and Kimmie were like the 'Warning' lables on the stairway. It's meant to stop peeps from hurting themselves, warning them of iminent danger but like the Pink Poodle that she is, she will trip and fall all over herself over and over again before she finaly learns. Let's hope the bruises and bumps will be permanent this time.
Flame on, XiaXue Sympathisers.