Friday, October 14, 2005

Kancil's Your Ticket To The World.

Time of the year when KANCIL Awards come rolling our path and as the event organiser, we have to help with the AV show theme for the award ceremony which will be held on the 18th November. Venue should be at KLCC Convention centre. We are the folks who set the event up weeks before the night. The 4As folks had receive all the entries for this year and by the lot of it, it should bigger(judging by the boxes of entries we took down from the Unser(company car). More categories and more winners.
It would be usually two months before the event when we get down to business. We have been doing it for years and it seem like an annual party but still, the work is real. I noticed they started the judging earlier this year instead of getting it nearer to the event to prevent leaks. I guess they're pretty confident they run a tight ship.

Anyway, Jay, head of Edithouse/Motion Graphics will produce the AV show contents this year and sought our help to propose some ideas for Gav, the producer for the overall event aka The Big Kahuna. ME, Sethie, Kenny, Jay and Patrick(the in-house ACD[All-Can-Do] Multimedia guy) for TMMC sat outsite our infamous bench(I wrote a tribute to that ol bench in my blogs but it was wiped out) and had a brainstorming session before dinner.

We wiped out some nasty ideas for this year's theme with some parameters thrown in, of course,
- Unity. something that would bring us all out together as Malaysians. like football and mamak teh-tarik session. Yasmin Ahmad has been pioneering and using this concept and milked it dry. so much for that idea. we even thought of dressing up the tables for the night with fake plastic hard-boiled eggs and warung-like!
- Wedding turn the whole ballroom into a big wedding dinner! imagine the agency folks coming in and find themselves being greeted by the bride and groom(actors) from four of our main ethnic group, the Malay couple, the Chinese couple, the Indian couple and of course, the Sikh Bangra couple! we have so much ideas for the AV presentation, just like a normal wedding, we'll treat the audience with wedding videos of the Kancil couples and we have a BIG 'Yam Sing!' toast for the Best of the Kancil awards!.
- Anniversary abit like the wedding but more of a celebration of proud parents(both 4As and 6As) of their baby Kancil. think retro. think about your first bicycle lessons with your dad guiding you on your chopper/bmx bike in the parks, your first birthday pics with kids your age, the only thing is, You're a life-sized Kancil Award trophy! We cracked up so much that we almost fell from our seats. Again all of us agreed it should be pitch into the porposal. 'Everyone's Proud of their Kancil' or 'Fruits of our Labour' being used as a main theme for the event.
- Globe-trotting Kancil this year's Kancil Best of the Year winner would be getting a sponsored trip to the Cannes 2006 Advertising Festival. we thought of using the 'Gnome' trick as potrayed in Amelie. Get the fan-pan movie, watch it and you'll know what I meant. the whole ballroom will be prop up to look like you will on a global trip and we're certain there's enough of ideas to get us going. 'Kancil's your ticket to the World'. OMG so SIA...

- The Parliament the last idea was a comedy-parody to reflect our actual Parliament session. hey, since the BN MPs are having so much fun making fools out of everyone, we actually thought it might work. The MC will be the Dewan Speaker, all prim and proper shouting restrain and work up emotional issues and we're counting our audience(agencies) to behave like they do every year, DRUNK and ROWDY by 10pm! lol, Thumping on tables in disgreement are welcome unlike previous years just like when our Parliament in session. it would be glorious and fun if they actually go ahead with this theme. imagine all the tables has the state they(the audience) represent like 'BN: Batang Berjuntai', DAP:Ipoh Barat', etc.

We have fun and plenty of laughs everytime we have session such as these, but one thing we do know they will have none of the 'Parliament' idea and would probably stick to any 'non-aggresive' themes like they do every year. Never mind the brief suggest we should try something 'new' and 'radical'. it never does.

Morale of the day: Turn your tasks at hand which seems boring and uninteresting around. We did. ;P