Saturday, October 08, 2005

Love gives you the crazies

Waiting for my jalopy getting some 'spa treatment' while siiting on a stool with a ground-fan blowing into my pants! That is what I call Service!

Love does gives you the crazies.
When Angie( a good friend from KKL.NET) told me about her version of Mr. Right, we discovered we as humans, we normaly relax our rules or principles because we constantly tell ourselves it doesn't matter, as long as you're in love. The heart does preclude everything. It's like the US veto power. Nothing else seems to matter. When your family and friends advised you, it becomes lethal poison to your ears.
"How dare yall 'backstab' my beau?"
"I've 'known him/her for years!"
"Yall are simply unhappy 'coz I'm happy with him/her!"

Funny thing is, no matter how 'right' or 'sure' you are on this 'One', it never does. Only through time will tell by going through it and by facing it head-on. No one forces you to heed your family or friend's advises eventhough there might be the slightest chance they really CARE about you. If they don't have that intention then they're not your family/friends. No one forces you to believe 'rumours' you've been 'poisoned' about your beau. It's simple a matter of you making your own decision. Nothing else matters.

You are willing to bare the results and face it by taking it into your stride. You do know your family and friends will slip you the pillow when you fall. You won't regret the decision you've made even when it's against everything you've ever thought you were.
Prove the world wrong.

P/s: and oh, a little bit more than a month is nothing, try years.