Friday, July 21, 2006

Confessions of a Gilmore Guy

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Imagine two men sitting on their usual smoking spots outsite the office talking about... The Gilmore Girls. Unimaginable right? Back a few years you get grown men in tears only when their favourite soccer teams gets knocked out of tournaments or when their favourite hero dies in a long run television series. I howled like a neutered pug in heat when Eric Cantona hang his boots and when Tom Hank's John H. Miller lays dying on the smoking bridge when the P-42 Ally plane flew overhead, sending the Krauts scurrying for cover, mission accomplished at the cost of his life and entire platoon. It didn't save Matt Damon's acting career though, shows nothing could save a bad acting, not even after taking a hail of bullets from the Nazis.

But at present, the situation is dire because for these two men find themselves giggling like idiots over the mother and daughter's continous misadventures in an absurd picket fences small american town. Infact the Gilmore girls actually had us believe there are fast-talking, beautiful, intelligent and strong character girls in real-life. C'mon get real, the fact that this is a television series confirms it is surreal and wishful-thinking to have Lorelei as a wife or Rory as your gf. If you're a girl, forget about men being as nice and romantic as Max Medina or a buddy/always-there-for-you cum coffee-provider Mr. Backward-cap Luke. A town where everyone is 'Happy' and on their best 'Prosper Thy Neighbour, Prosper ye' behaviour with fathers and sons wearing matching shirts, old women being across the streets and get this, afro-americans living in a mostly whitey small american brady-bunch town! I heard of afro-americans form Texas with cowboy accents but this takes the icing on the cake. To be politically correct, they need to feature some afro-americans walking behind shots and show 1-2 afro-american casts from time to time which is more than what we have here, Malaysian 'minorities' are usually featured as drug-addicts, social rejects and the occasional comic relief. Still at least the americans are doing their share by potraying colour races as neighbours, remember Rory's best friend is that kooky, music-loving and practically mad Korean girl, Ling with her equally strict up-bringing, antique selling Korean mother who turns her house into a store. Who can forget that annoying bah! humbug french bellhop named Michael (pronouced as Mich-Shell)? All these characters in the show probably reminds us of someone we met in real-life but like Eminem raps, " ...not quite me".

The real-fact the two men mentioned above enjoyed most about the series was the 'Idealistic Idiocracy' contained throughout the series. Where else can you find pair of mother and daughter living in a society where they are not look down upon? In the series, it was reverse, they both turn out to be the most fun-loving and loved people in town. Not sharing the fate of her mother's delinquent misdeeds as a teen resulting in her birth, Rory turns out to be the most level-headed and smart girl amongst her peers. Her mom seems to be every thinking man's fantasy and muse. Some attributes we left behind during the 70s and 80s. And those mind-numbing two-words conversations between Lorelei and Luke had us thinking there are people who could telepathic. Still that's the best series around at the moment and I suggest balancing it with another superb made-for-TV series: Rome or Deadwood. Why? Because getting sucked up in a world of flying doves and peachy life is not good, well not all the time. For that you need a dose of either:
1. Blood, Gore and Nudity (ROME)
2. Gold, whiskey, prostituition, foul-mouthed (Cocksucker!!! - frontier cowboy slang of saying Hi to each other) language for daily usage and throw in lots of 'Flanking Manuevers' (Pioneer-town politics to git' rich)

Better watch BOTH Rome & Deadwood after each episode of The Gilmore Girls. If not, you will start to like yellow daisies and the colour pink.

and oh, Al Svearengen is that bad-ass-evil-mutha tavern owner foul-mouthed character which you can't help but admire in Deadwood.

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