Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Remote Test Posting with w.Bloggar

[Listening to: ??????? - MISIA - MISIA??????~The Best of Acoustic Ballade~ (06:08)]

If you're not familiar with blogging, it's Web logging, a form of personal Web publishing. Typically, blogs are updated on a more frequent basis than other personal Web sites and include links to content selected by the authorthoughts and opinions, journal items, and comments from readers about the blog entries.

Blogs have caught the attention of the press because they're a unique form of expression and news distribution that's growing rapidly. By some estimates, there are over 1 million active bloggers worldwide.
Part of the new Windows Media Player 9 Series Fun Pack is the Blogging plug-in. The Blogging plug-in is designed to make it easier for you to add information to your blog entry about the song currently playing on your computer. Posting the name of the song and artist that you're listening to is a great way to share your mood with your friends, family, and audience. Figure 1 shows a sample blog entry. Figure 2 shows a sample blog entry that shows what I'm listening to as I write an entry.