Thursday, October 06, 2005

'Xia Xue' the indestructable~

[Listening to: 12 - Taiyo ga irukara - MISIA - Kiss in the sky (05:32)]

I've recently indulge myself with Dungeon Siege 2 with a couple of my chums. Being an avid Paladin player through most of the fantasy RPGs I've played, I decided to re-role my character and aptly named her the infamous 'Xia Xue', she's brash, arrogant and could take a helluva beating before going down! Kudos to ST for knocking her off her mythical throne of contemptuos ego trip. Hmm... might be thinking of doing a re-role for a Melee Dual-wield Knight, huuurrrr, that has to wait. Anyway for the party, we already have a high damage-dealing melee Dual-wield in David(aka Sampansaurus). Allrite, enough of crapping on one of the most loved/hated little pink-riding hood. Playing DS2 is one of the contributing factor which I haven't been updating my blog recently besides losing some sleep and exposing me to the realm of panda-eyes.

A Loss
A heart-felt condolence is send out to one of my 'heng-dai' for the loss of his father recently. Hope he and his family are coping well and takes their time to recover from this ordeal. I understand as I've lost my Mom just a decade ago and memories of her are still fresh in m mind. If it's any comfort, you never really lose a love one, as long as you still have them in your heart and soul. I do realised I sound like some cheesy actor mimicking some Hallmark movie. It's believable as long as you do.

Fairy-tales do keep us going,
it's the RnB song you listen to when you're alone at night,
it's the little moment when you find a breeze in the hot sun,
the time you spot the sunlight gleaming heavenly down while no one's looking
and it's the little smile you received from someone totally unknown to you among the crowd. ;)

Cheer up to all who's facing onslaught of depression and blue funk. Sadness does not last and once it ends, you can look forward for much needed euphoria, well, while it lasts anyway.