Thursday, February 01, 2007

Latest Trend: OSA Bling Bling

Orang Suka Ambil-tahu

Yes, since the latest trend is OSA, YOU too can wear it as a fashionable item to DAZE and DAZZLE enquiring minds. Out goes the old and forgotten ‘Exhibitionism’, the hottest trend on the lips of Leaders are OSA! OSA! and more OSA! Guaranteed to protect your ‘barang’ from scrutiny, never mind even if it’s meant for the public eyes. Whip out your OSA Bling! and you’ll be shield from those pesky paparazzi, even from your Mom! Infact she has to go through the cabinet(closet) to get approval to know if the person who’s been coming home everyday is really her son/daughter!

Get your OSA! Bling* NOW before it becomes a mockery and an embarrassment to Democracy!

*Products are not tested for UV protection. Hey! That’s OSA too, you have NO RIGHT to know!