Friday, September 07, 2007

Budget2008: After 4 Years of Screwing Around.

We heard it all, 'Bio-everything' incentives, Agriculture-same-ols, Human-Crapital, Increment of Civil sector instead of decreasing it even when we're at a digital-age, Blatant Discrimination Policies, Red-tape bureaucracy that stoke and grew corruption at an epic rate, Loose regulatory enforcement on insider-trading and financial misdemeanor dan macam-macam lagi. Do not expect THAT to change even if the 4pm 'Bajet2008' let loose a 'few carrots'.

Standby for the 4pm 'Boo'get2008 at 4pm:

Just found out, we are more interested to know how long does it takes before Bedol and the Cabs(minions) starts dozing-off during the 'Bajet2008' presentation. A friend of mine gave 10 mins while I gave a buffer of 45 mins before things gets blurry and the birds starts chirping them to ZZZ in their heads.