Friday, November 21, 2008

Barisan Najis Presents: No Involvement!

Facts remained:
- Judge was changed,
- Prosecution was changed & sloppy work guaranteed,
- Public leads were ignored,
- Key Witnesses gone 'MIA' or not even called up,
- Not judge by his 'peers/equals' because Bolehland courts has no Juries,
- The only Murder-suspect which Bolehland Court allows Bail before Public outrage over his 'special treatment',
- All immigration accounts of her stay at Bolehland were erased, not 'missing', perpetrators let off the hook,
- SMSes which indicated there was a conspiracy to free the murderer,
- Double Jeapordy: This murderer knows once he's acquitted, he can't be haul up to court for the same offence twice, but since he admitted he 'has intimate relationship with the Victim, why is he not being brought to  the Syariah Courts for 'other offences'? Even the huge commissions he receives from the Military deals should be investigated,
- The C4 explosives revealed so glaringly these are only available upon approval from the 'Pihak Atasan',
- Altantuya is still very much MURDERED,
- Rakyat are bloggers are Rakyat,
- Track records of Bolehland's judiciary not getting the crooks and killers are exemplary for all NOT to follow, that is,
- The judiciary will still be in 'Reform' state for the next 50 years!(as long as Barisan Najis is in power)
- Guruji still charges an arm & a leg for his 'consultancy',

And he still thinks God help free him, not Barisan Najis.
I'm impressed by his incredible idiocy and big-ballz attempts to piss on the peoples' intelligence!