Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Foosball anyone?

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Project started late December, that was just a preliminary discussion among friends before Christmas of 2005. One of the blokes told us about TigerFC wanted to have a flash game on before the end of EPL this season. Tea session at Al-Ehsan, SS2 suddenly came alive. By the end of the session, we promised to come up with something 'interesting' for TigerFC members. Hence, the TigerFC Desktop Virtual Foosball. Initial idea of your lame penalty shoot-out was thrown outha window because we thought everyone has had their share punishing a lonesome keeper and a simulation crowd booing your ass whenever you missed. We wanted something that keeps you on your toes, something that's constantly changing and by the time you've completed the games, you would feel proud. TigerFC was excited to jump straight into it when we proposed a mini-game for preliminary tests. It was a sheer joy 'coz everyone who've ever tested it likes the idea and game-play. I still remember my favourite foosball times at Time-out, a sports-bar at 1-U back in the 90's. We would hit the tables after work and get our ass beaten by folks from all walks. Time-out's manager's GF back then, beautiful and smart woman, the regular lardass who're there since 5, the teenage chicks who're there after school and etc... we were really bad before we start to master the art of wrist-twisting. Soon the sound of 'Ker-Thunk!!'(when the ball hits the metal wall of the goalpost) became a regular chime on our ears, the game got better and we, the nerds gets to be cool and start to know peeps. Hey! When you can't even beat the school-girls, you're a whimp! So here we are reliving the best of foosball while working in the office, and we get to share it with the lots of you.

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and start kicking everyone's arse!

Find out what the prizes are... Growl!!!

Kudos to:
Stephen, Boon, e2 and the usual band of idiots.