Thursday, March 30, 2006

Urban Sounds Showdownz - Ne-yo vs Chris Brown

[Listening to: Chris Brown - Chris Brown - (00:00)]
Ne-yo (album: In My Own Words - Def Jam Records)

Totally urban and all good. Two RnB singers from different states and recording lables sounding as one. In fact if you have one of those multi-disc/carousel/ disc changers queueing up both Chris Brown & Ne-Yo, you'll probably think it's from the same album. It's not to say it's a bad thing, cohesive and conform it's more likely. They both sounded great and definately for those drives long drives back home to your Missus who're waiting at home in your favorite lingerie* well, that's all fantasy but again at night time it's appropriate. ;)

Chris Brown (album: Run It! - Jive/Zomba Records)

Get some samples from their site and decide if you're into RnB or just maybe you're a Purple Raver and still claims the world runs on PLUR, puh-leez, get outha here! Get some real LOVE from these folks

Ne-yo Official Site:

Chris Brown Official Site:

Ps: Sorry for being MIA for awhile, was being hard at work completing a local movie site, stay tuned!