Friday, March 31, 2006

Ham-sup Comedy Play & Sharon Stone

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Well, at least that's what Hazel, our 'Vet' producer told us. Filling us with perverted fantasies of a a 'fun-filled' evening.. rite, you know as well as I do we're living in the wrong country for that. The cartoon on the post-card gives a cheeky impression of a gentleman looking on a woman's cleavage. It plays a big part in enticing the boyfriends to tag along with their GFs to a play. We men can't imagine anything erotic based on scripts or climax with words from books. No joke. We rather have our girls in the purest form -i.e visual form. And you wonder why we don't read books with erotism and best explore with the mind. ('cept for Jackie Collin's Hollywood series! Her novels popped most of me and my friend's 'cherries' back when we're still juveniles...hey! we haven't have access the local 'behind the counter' videos, back then! ) Since our days of discovering the idiot box, we've yet to give it up for books. C'mon, watching Sharon Stone riding the shit out of M. Douglas in B. Instint is waaay better than reading 200+ pages of 'The Story of O' by Pauline Reage... although S.Stone is considered 'Vintage Porn' by now, she still looks moforly sexy in B. Instinct 2, and oh, I've seen the trailer for Europe and GoDayum! She's fine! Nvm the clean Yahoo! trailer, try and get it from your buddies, it's from one of those e-mails circulating around. ;P Back to the theatre comedy, perhaps we men will eventually 'adore' plays when we do finaly grow-up one day but you can bet we will never turn down anything which is 'visualy-simulating', even when we're around you. So ladies, sure you can nag us to accompany you to your favourite play but don't expect a 'hard-on' from us when the curtains falls.

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