Sunday, May 07, 2006

of moronic Tees and the dark hair beauty.

2.53am on a dumb weekend. Circling through my favourite bloggers, noticed some ads on his site(, came across a Tee site which hits the spot! How many asswipes have you seen running around with their collars up? If he's your BF or your 'Brokeback Mountain' partner, then start asking these morons to wear his tees properly and stop making an ass outha BOTH of you.

Got a reply from a blogger I've came across which has 'Melissa Yenty' tag on her blog. M. Yenty is a wide-eye 'Avril Lavigne' look-a-like audio-engineer who's been with Addaudio for like a couple of months. I've only found out this week that she left in pursuit of something she loves doing. This blogger whom I encounter started a conversation with me on MSN 'coz I thought she was still looking for her as she's now at NY.
Then she asks,"Are you stalking her?"
me: "Yeah, you can say that...sorta"

I was checking on Google if M. Yenty actually has a blog. Her friend said she has, even before PPS started. Hmm.. I started to wonder, wtf was I doing in my teens... ahh... it must be like a diary but the big difference is, it's now public. Whatever thing you put on the net, you've to start getting comfortable with it or at least think twice before you click the 'Publish Post' button.

Back to M. Yenty, never got to spoke to her longer than a minute. Long black hair, huge puppy eyes and pouty lips, always clucthing a novel or Archie while waiting for her ride home. In fact, I told her before she reminded me of the MNG billboard at Phileo Damansara on the way to work each day. Here's a pic of the MNG's Spring Collection model, Bianca Balti. She emites the surreal dark beauty that comes once awhile in your life and before you know it, she's gone. Here's a toast to her success in all her endeavours!

I still get to see the billboard everyday while driving to work before it gets taken down eventually.=P