Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It’s OK to wear the flag AND burn other country's flag?

”It’s OK to wear the flag.
Deputy Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Wong Kam Hoong. 

Acts such as stepping on the flag and setting it on fire were disrespectful to the national emblem, Zainuddin said. ‘Doesn’t he know his compatriot does not share the same sentiment as his? Poor communication indeed. ~Mob’

and yet, we have leaders who incites their members to “Burn as many flags as you (Youth members) want,” quoted by none other than the once ‘Keris-wielding’ Minister of Education.

All within the same party and cabinet. Nice.

To the majority of Malaysians who witnessed local singer Hattan being ‘media-massacred’ not long ago for singing a RnB version of our National Anthem, this latest ‘Go, No Go and Errr..Dunno’ message from authorities will stem the most of us not to attempt anything ‘stupid’ (creative/innovate/whatever-you-wanne-call-it) with our national indentity.

To show your pride and patriotism, you don’t have to wear the flag ONCE a year.

Donate blood, pay your taxes, buy national cars, be nice to your neighbour’s pets and talk to your folks. These ‘little’ gestures are all the patriotism you could ‘show’ not by merely ‘wearing’ the flag.