Sunday, August 20, 2006

What's missing in this pic? Fun stuff!

USS Enterprise

What’s MISSING in this pic of a grand American carrier at Westport, Klang, Malaysia?


No protestors!

Where are these ‘champions’?
Isk, I was hoping Maya could have been here!
We want BIGGER Big Macs!
See that? That's my fav Kangkung!
Eh, Mana MAWI?(Where's MAWI?)
Yeah, we'll become The Mask Riders!!!
hUWAAHHH, the rendang was too spicy! gimme water!!!

and this dude who asks his people to BURN other country’s flag. What’s with all the silence? I thought we were all work up to stage a big ‘welcome’ to these Israel allies and show(refer above pics) ‘em a ‘piece of our mind’.

Matching the US Armada(in the spirit of Malaysia Boleh!)

Hell, we have something as massive as the USS Enterprise, we could always use our Twin Towers, flip it horizontal and float it ‘broadside’. It could match the US nuclear class carrier size and floating capability. We’ll shoot our national cars from our My TT*(TNB powered) as deadly pile of junks and use the smaller national cars as Anti-Aircraft ammunitions. Nevermind the fact we don’t have any aircraft on board My TT(TNB powered), we have ‘Mosquitos’ aka Mat Rempits speeding from 0 – Mach5 as ‘homing missiles’(accuracy dependings on the soberity of the pilots/riders) to our enemies.

Latest intelligence report: Peet-poot-deet-dooot(Fan-pan PC) “…Accompanying the USS Enterprise were missile destroyer USS Lassen and AEGIS cruiser USS Leyte Gulf. “

Mob: Aiyah, how come these crap intel comes so late ar? aiseh, back to drawing board liao, tiu!

*our tendency to name anything with My, example: MyCrap, MySh*t, MyCrotch, etc

The Question remains:
Why are there no friggin’ protest in front of that ‘Zionist-ally’ ship? It’s BIG and HUNKERING only wat…

Update: This 'Jumpin' Photographer' has more!