Sunday, August 13, 2006

REMP-IT: Boleh Pegang Tete...Payu Dara? Boleh...

According to our Film Censorship Board, if it's relevant to the message and objective of the movie, then OK, boleh jalan.

"We do not want to be too rigid and closed minded, which can stifle filmmakers creativity." quoted by Film Censorship Board chairman Mohd Hussain Shafie.
'On Remp-Its PG-13 label, Mohd Hussain said this was necessary due to the captive audience factor. It would be different if it was made for television which has a wider audience, including children.' - The MalayMail

So if you're 13 and above, you're could now go with your friends to watch that 'a few seconds' of breast-grabbing & some chick on bed covered with a blanket. What's the big friggin' deal, you asked. Because of 'double-standards' or 'selective approval' by our high and mighty FCB. I betcha no 'Morale-Championing-Zealot-journalist/reporter' would be doing an article condemning the scenes. Or have even a witch-hunting talk-show on national tv debating this movie. And with a title like 'REMP-IT', it makes ya wonder what kinda 'message and objective' you have hanging over our 'Weekend Road Warriors'(under 200cc, mind you!). I'm sure there's good intentions in REMP-IT final objective but please do not deny it's to 'cari makan, beb' movie, afterall, why make a movie that loses money?

I've just came back from yumchar(tea-drinking) session and let me tell ya about the Mat & Minah Rempits, They're BACK! with a proud vengeance and stupendous vigour. Willies, road-hogging, zipzappingliketheresnotommorrow and with their hoes(bohsias) with their 'leaders' backseat. The rest of the single riders posse rides behind the 'leader' not so as escorts but to have a glamorous view of their leader's bed-hopping bohsia's booty. nice! and I thought I was the only pervert in town.

Pay Attention to the Porn, it's only couple of seconds!

According to The Star, there's 4 eye-popiing scenes. To The MalayMail, it's 2. So you probably get your money's worth if you pay attention to these scenes below regardless of what the papers says:

The controversial scenes include

1. a woman clad in a towel,

2. a man and woman in bed under a blanket,

3. a bohsia seducing a man in bed and

4. a couple frolicking at a picnic site.
~ The Star

Among the controversial scenes include one where actor Aqasha briefly touches co-star Julia Hanas breast(woohoo!), and another where Farid Kamil and Julia Hanaare lying in bed, with only a blanket covering her breasts. (Julia's curvy but heck, show Farid's man-tits for the women too, now that's great non-sex-discrimination-thinking!)
~ The Malay Mail

Below are movies/ entertainers which fell victims to our FCB's '2x Standards' and 'Selective Approval' :

ANY of Yasmin Ahmad's movies,(makes you wonder if it's her controversial works or because of her intelligence)

AGAIN ANY of Amir Muhammad's movies, (poor dude, suffer the same fate as Yasmin or maybe worse in some cases)

Daredevil ~ Because of its Title??? funny I remember Hell Boy got off after its title was changed.

ANY international acts that motivates you to ' Jump, shout, dance with sexual innuendos'

Some well-known Solutions ~ courtesy of the HK film industry and yours truly

- Shoot two endings, the first with the original ending and the second to be 'cop-friendly'

- Skip Malaysia

- Sell it to the 'Pirates' and make it available to the mass.

- Submit it into International Films Festivals, win big and get international recognition but Malaysia. (wow, we sound like Israel ain't it?)

- Upload it to and claim your 15 minutes of Fame.

- Give up film-making and go tender Class-F projects, be a VIP's SIL, lead a Protest (any demo) and finally claimed and live like 'Lord'

To all local film-makers, don't give up your passion to tell stories, the 'Powers that be' does not represent us. They're but a bunch of power-mongering clouts who lacks the simple trait of enjoying a good movie or any form of entertainment ~period

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