Wednesday, December 20, 2006

BIO Term for the Day! - BIOnik~ bai.oh.nik

In the spirit of all things ‘Bio’ which has been a recent chant of a clueless nation, we* are proud to announce an awareness program called ‘BIO Term for the Day’ or BTFRD(~ pronounce as Bffftttt! with emphasis on the exclamation – Mob).

In the true Malaysian spirit of advocating anything obscure and insanely stupid(sorry, we ran out of binaries listing just the recent stunts – Mob), here we would to educate the rakyat on the ‘BIO’ terminology which for the next 2 years until the next General Election will reign free and dominantly on lips of all Malaysian Malays, Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indians and Malaysian ‘Others’(Hey, don’t blame me, ask the Malaysia Unity something for clarification – Mob).

BIO Term for the Day.

1. Our poor attempt to localize a term by changing the last alphabet with a ‘K’ pertaining to anything Bionic.
2. Head of state, Kelantann, Nik Azeez went to his backyard to pick some weed for his Hash-cupcakes baking lessons when he was caught by the paparazzi. In the essence of ‘missing the point’, Malaysia newsmen painted a
picture of the Opposition having supported the call of the ruling coalition to promote ‘Bio-farming’ and shit, hence ‘BIO-Nik’. ‘BIO-Lim’ term would follow suit as soon as the gov-funded media agencies catches the Opposition leader in a ‘flora-compromised’ situation.
3. BIO-Lick would have sounded obscene.

-Related forms
bai.oh.nik.lee, adverb
Nik Azeez and Mr. Lee Kwan You harvesting ganja leaves together.

*Reason ‘we’ are emphasized here so ‘we’ sounds like there’s massive amount of people behind this initiative, but it’s actually just ‘Me, Myself and sikh named Dupree Singh’.