Monday, December 18, 2006

Kelantan: Exodus of women?

Hell, If you’re live in a state where you will be fined RM500 for ‘Dressing Indecent’ which by the way is comforting to know is up to the discredition of overzealous religious ‘officers’, then the ticket to other states is just a bus-station away.

And the segregation of sexes in dances? I’m sure it’s all quite blown out of proportion by the media under Barisan Najis, I mean, nobody in their right mind would be issue dumb ideas and have it contradicted by its own party… oh, we’re talking about party which has Erred in the past. Let me paint you a picture on men dancing with each other, remember those arab dudes cheering at football stadiums err… at some arab stadium? Fully clad ‘maternity’ white dresses and all BUT now at a closer proximity. 

Disgusting… (I meant our own Kelantan-version, of course, no offence to our Arab fans of the balls, footballs!) 

Hey, at least they go back to their wives at home. If Kelantan ever implement these ‘dance moves’, I guess when these women will start becoming nomads there will be no stopping them.

Once the girls and women are gone, what does the men do?

Ask Singapore.
tsk, tsk low-blow? yes-yes.