Saturday, November 18, 2006

Kristallnacht in Bolehland? and the Chaos Theory

What the hell is ‘Kristallnacht’?
Hell is correct when it’s used to describe Kristallnacht also known as:
Reichkristallnacht, Novemberpogrome, Pogromnacht and finaly to the rest of the world ‘Night of the Broken Glass’. One of the main readon for calling it a ‘Crystal Night’ it because of the shops windows and house of a certain defenceless race being broken to pieces and ransacked and thus it was sarcastically named by the Instigators during the night.

Google ‘Kristallnacht’ and ‘Wiki’ and all will be clear. Signs are already pointing we’re heading a similar collision. A certain race are being highlighted/blamed/accused for all the troubles and woes of another race by leaders of this Nazi-like coalition which doesn’t make any sense as they’ve been in power for 5 decades. This Neo-Nazi Unholy Alliance had been systematically breaking and leading the assault on anyone who’s not their ‘own’ and berrating innocent hard working people. Most new generations has never known the hardship and sufferings of that night which eventually led to the outbreak of World War II.

An Example of ‘ Kristallnacht’ which broken shop windows shimmering at night.

A certain race which are being blamed for all the troubles of another being arrested and led to concentration camps.

Foreign papers alarmed the world with the new emergence of Hate 50 years ago.

Yes, most of us ordinary people in this once-called Multicultural society has the utmost respect for each other but when crazed leaders are desperate, they will do anything and I meant ‘anything’ to stay in power just another day, even if it means the sacrifice of human lives and plunging the nation into Chaos.

How could that be? When you’re in Chaos, everything should be ‘uncontrollable’ and a complete disorder right?
The Chaos Theory as highlighted by Lorenz says although the effects of chaos appears to ‘look’ random and changes dynamicaly, a pattern emerges! It’s this pattern which determines and defines ‘chaos’ or the ‘Butterfly Effect’. We have to look at the Chaos theory closely because our socio-political environment seems to suggests we’re heading towards it!

How to recognised the Chaos theory in action>
You have to look at how a certain coalition party in action, this coalition was formed based on an event which would have led to a to a dramatic change to our history as we knew it, but Inertia proves that if the disturbing force is not equal or more than its force, it refuses to bulge and repels any ‘outsite’ force which disrupts its flow. You would have thought the ‘inertia’ is certain ‘majority’ party, sorry wrong again. the inertia said is actually the sentiments of the majority! In democracy, the ‘inertia’ or force is actually the minds and needs of the people. the opposing force is actually the ruling coalition which is a small ‘force of Elites’ trying for the last 5 decades to unbridled the Inertia or mindset of the people with its Chaos Theory(Racial/Religion issues). Everyone recoqnised race and religion as clear as day but through the human spirit, we had formed the Inertia which overwhelms any opposing changes which tries to disrupts its path. These small opposing force realised their attempts are in vain unless they come up with a new trick in town. Mind you, Lorenz theorised the Chaos theory ages ago but some smart ass in the ruling elites must have stumbled upon it during his time at Oxford or some maktabin Kuala Kangsar.

The Chaos Theory.
By realising they couldn’t make the inertia move to their liking, they are slowly changing its course instead. They had 50 years to do just that, ok maybe some early leaders does initiated moves to the right direction and its intention were indeed noble. True sincerity are intentions are spot on, and it yields greatly. Ok, zoom back to the last 20 years, we have our ‘flow’ of force, yes there were some minor ‘disturbances’ and some scandals but all’s well in Bolehland. Now just take 5 years back, a ‘pattern’ emerges after an influential kepala steps down. Suddenly the inertia became ‘weak’, its path uncharted and unclear eventhough the said kepala has set its course on Autopilot. Here is when everyone thought it’s becoming ‘chaotic’ as the new emperor appears to be manipulated by someone who knew the Lorenz’s theory well. He’s young, eager and ambitious. It’s perfectly clear he’s IMPATIENT because of the theory he has put into great effect. He sets up his events which will trigger the ‘Butterfly Effect’, by instigating a mindless set of imps and rouse their egos that everything under the sun on this country is not ‘shared’ but whole-owned by them. They can be ‘masters’ of their own istanas and live off the fat of the land. ‘Chaotic’ or dynamic contents emerges and we suddenly have a chain of socio injustice events which will need dismantling of the charted courses. We have dynamics which appears randomly and doesn’t make logical senses! Take for instance the case of the alleged socio-negligence on the idiot ex-Raja Bodek of Penang, Penang has the least poverty in the whole Bolehland and yet, a significant event of which a puppet thug-leader has played its role under this Chaos Master to incite and impress the nation that there are people being ‘marginalised’.

At first, all the events are unnoticable but soon you realised you can’t escape from this well-intended ‘Dynamic content’ which are being pushed and shove up our throats. These events are meant to trigger the Chaotic situation where it appears to be disorderly but you can bet there’s always a Chaos masters riding and benefiting from all this. And when the dust finaly settles, he/she would ‘Rise a Knight’ and diligently act to ‘save the nation’.

Beware the Chaos masters in our midst.

 This was written after the author took half a pill of Rinofort for flu, he’s now dozing piecefully…