Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wanita DUMNO = Women for Aryan Unity?

Women for Aryan Unity

Echoing Hitler's view that women should focus on "Kirche, Küche, Kinder" (church, kitchen, children), the Women for Aryan Unity Web site urges racist women to "stand by" their husbands by keeping their home, providing for their "comfort," and indoctrinating their children with hate. Encouraging women to focus on "midwifery," "survival cooking," and "education," the site instructs racist women to take up weapons and sound the "battle cry" only if their husbands "fall." These women are upset that they have been taught they "are no longer needed in the home as wives and mothers" and angered that they "have been forced to compete with men for the males' jobs."

Wanita DUMNO

Wives of certain muslim cabinet ministers wear clothes are too revealing.
“There are people going around in clothes that exposed three quarters of their bodies!”
(Funny, if it’s 3/4 of the body that means she’s either topless or pantiless and you should’ve called me! – Mob)

Drug addicts should be marooned on an island instead of allowing them the hotel-like luxuries at rehabilitation centres.  “Let them survive on the island's worms and moss.”  
(Let’s see if this Wanita DUMNO would say the same thing IF her own family or relatives in similar situation – Mob)

She said there were too many foreign dramas with bad elements that distracted women from their chores. 
(Chores? I thought genuine women are fighting for equality at workplace and salaries, not washing dishes and mopping the floor. So she herself is neglecting her own ‘Chores’ since she went to talk cock at the GA isn’t it? – Mob)

Raheeemah said someone from DUMNO should be heading the Energy, Water and Communications Ministry and monitoring these dramas instead of Datuk Seri Dr Lim Koh Yak.  

“There are many of us in DUMNO who can lead the ministry,” she added.  

(I’m sure the street name of DUMNO says it all.-Mob)

There you have it, our very own local WAU(Women for Aryan Unity) uttering total crap after too much jamu makan FREE at the GA.