Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sexy Dress Code and Distorted Pixels

The MONSTER Paper:
"We are not saying that she was at fault for wearing a skirt, but we need to look whether there is any loophole in the dress code,"

The Bintang Paper:
“If the dress was not sexy, the incident would not have happened.”

Who’s the Spin-Meister?

I’ve noticed the Raksaksa paper has been ‘downplaying’ issue, replacing genuine context of reporting with lame verbs and nouns. I betcha’ no Municipal Councillor could put together a single phrase of English decently, but with the help of Raksaksa spin-doctors and male nurses, they appeared before the public like pendekar waiving his keris in all his glory.

As you can clearly see the difference in terms of context and even the length of words being used to describe the same event, the Raksaksa paper is condemning itself into obscure and awkward position in minds of the public.

As of late, the Raksaksa paper has been campaigning hard for the AMNO cause, check the articles for yourself, 5 of 7 top articles are how devilishly great AMNO politicians are, how generous they have been, the amounts of contribution they’ve done, yadayadayada. When it comes to their wrong-doings, it’s harder to spot than Waldo.

Until now, the Raksaksa paper still ‘pixelised’ the handsome face of Mongolian-c4–suspect with crude boxes. Such a shame! His once-poster boy face would actually enhance his position as the most-sought-after-jail-biatch once he enters incarceration. Might earn him a couple of more ciggies and ritual romp with only 2 dudes!

As for the MPPPPPPPPPP(the extra Ps incorporates Puki, Pantat, etc – Mob) Count Dracula should get a piece of advise himself: KEEP HIS OWN LIMP & TINY PRICK IN CHECK BEFORE DOING A PRESS CONFERENCE!