Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Intergalactic Crappy News Express - Planet Bongabonga -49th

On our Azure Planet
Nazri: Lack of freedom in previous government
THERE was lack of freedom and some dictatorial tendencies during the previous administration, said Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.

On Planet Bongabonga -49th

Neo-Nazree is a Dandy Luddite, Heil!

THERE was lack of freeDOM and some DICKtatorial tendencies during the previous administration, hints Kapitan Neo- Nazree Azeez been Jantan, Offizier in the Pri-Mate’s SM Department.

"Durinz the pasz dominationz..err.. I mean administrationz, it wuz a bit of a peniz-constrictionz, people weir not freez to keep their *wurstchen out (wurstchen is err… hotdog ~ mob)

"Now, when people are freez to spankz each other and wear rubber outfitz on da streetz, they talk about the bozz (Pri-Mate Babawi), and when people talk, this iz construed by some people as lozing control which in Sado Masochisme is a no-no, unlezz of coz you ar in Submission role-play.

"But, if you wanz to go back to da old ways, you can suggesz it in diz Torture Chamber; we can go along with it," Nazree said in reply to Opposition Leatherhead , who had reiterated that Babawi was losing control of his latex indulgence.

The original question came from Tengkoo RaiseALeg HamHam (BN-Gua BakChang) who wanted to know whether the Official Secretion Act was hindering efforts to combat irresponsible disposal of SM toys and turn SM practitioners underground.

Nazree said that there was nothing to conceal as the Addictive-Cruelty Agency(ACA) had been given full powers to inflict pain and sought gratification from suffferings of others.

"Furthermore, thoz who know about actz of seduction, but believe that they are tied(tightly)to da OSA, can lodge a reportz without signing the report(with his penis).

"Under da Addictive-Cruelty Act 1997, da ACA can proceedz witz a full-flogging even though it iz based on a pvc-made whip, unlike a natural flail made of ox-tails!," he said.

Nazree added that the ACA Act also provided lubricants, leather suits, metal chains, cuffs for witnesses in possible bondage cases.