Saturday, September 09, 2006

Somewhere in a Parallel Universe ~ Today

Our Universe
During the TV3 interview last month, Abdullah denied that his son had received preferential treatment in his business dealings with the Government. Abdullah said he received the Scomi report two days ago and checked it against the comments he had made on the special TV interview and found that he was right. ~ Official Media Propaganda.

Parallel Universe ~ Today

Hmmm... this iz good shilznit!
Babawi demonstrating the proper way to score.

Somewhere in a Parallel Universe… our alternate PM is riding ‘HIGH’ on the confidence of the people since Dope has been legalised for personal and official usage which snorting sm*ck on a luxurious glass table is the officiating process instead of boring ol’ ribbon-cutting, aight!

“I’ve always believe in using Biotechnology in Marijua… errr I mean plant cultivation… Hence the millions we pour into an industry which we have never excel in.” ~ Babawi *looking all beady and sleepy.

On the facts dished out by international media linking his son’s engineering firm, SCOreMI being linked with nuclear devices for the black market,

“Yo, you people are high on caffeine!! This iz biznezzz, ‘know wat I’m saying, how else ya’ll think I buy good sh*t? with lunch money? ya’ll gottha be kiddin’ me, dawg!” ~ Babawi after 2 hits of tar on the glass table above.

Asked to deliberate more on the interview he gave on TV Tree regarding his son’s alleged privileges of hoarding government deals,

“I did not misled the junkies, err… I meant people! My son won all those gravy trains through open tenders, *winks. We OPEN up our list of Columbian contacts and they go all TENDER on our proposals, what can we say? I mean, besides them producing the best sm*ck in town, they’ve access to the Puerto Ricans with really BIG guns! And so far, they’ve never fail in ‘silencing’ the critics…tsk, tsk, huaaargh…” *yawning

“Now if you excuse mua, I gottha go finish what I’ve snorted…err.. started…” *fumbling his way back to his citadel bedroom with Jaheim’s Fiend song on a DTS-THX-Surround Ghetto Blaster…

I gotta quit
I gotta get this chick up out my system
She's no good for me
All of my dogs wanna hit her
Right after I'm with her
I eat then I fall asleep
And it's gettin costly
Lately all I've been banging is them chicks that come with seeds
But shorty she's a dime
In fact that girl's a dove
And I think I'm falling in love
She gets me all choked up
I can barely catch my breath
Don't want to pass her around
I keep her to myself
You see she gives me stimulation
Ain't nobody messing up our rotation
Although I think it's big
And you better believe
Nobody blazing it up but me

Misleading? NO! of course not, after all this is just another Universe!