Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Today on Intergalactic Crappy News Express: Planet Bongabonga -49th

Meanwhile on Earth, 19th, September 2006

KUALA LUMPUR: The only plaster cast of a "Bigfoot" footprint in the world is up for sale to the highest bidder.

On Planet Bongabonga – 49th,


KOLAM LUMPUR, Planet Bongabonga – 49th: BIGFART is about to attempt a intergalactic record for igniting a small island in the Spasific sea!

In demostration of its enormous flatulence, the once elusive BIGFART now appears on Sat broadcast to ‘blow’ away his competition but staging the biggest Gastrointestinal Event of the century by wipping a out a small island with a population of 2 bats and a coconut(I swear there’s inhabitants in there! ~ mob)

Paranormal-albeit-hysterical researcher Sniky Abdullaho Syedo Husseino Al-Attaso(damn typing his name is a pain! ~mob) said that as they had failed to raise the bar for a FART test to determine the sulfur and nitrogen content of the creature ‘s FART a few years ago although a remote village of indigenous snails were wiped out during BIGFART’s rampage. They planned to use the findings from the case to study the possibilityof harnessing BIGFART’s methane output for powering household aplliances like blenders and iPods.