Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mat Rempit: A Simple Solution, Beb!


The Problem
This Mat Rempit 'Movement' is suppose to be anti-authority in nature. There's no longer 'fun' or 'glory' in it if it gets regulated and by the way how you regulate these stunts? Even getting a bike to rempit is through illegal means(i.e. by stealing/robbing/company’s despatch property/falsifying plates) so they could abandon these bikes whenever they're caught in desperate situations.

The Solution
I have came across a simple solution from a friend.
Isn't it about time all motorcyclist starts paying TOLL?
Thanks to the Tun who abolished them a couple of years back as a ‘Farewell’ gift to the nation, he would be horrified if he were to drive down LDP on a typical friday night these days.

There're TOLLs everywhere, every major highways has these 'ready-made' solutions. Imagine having to pay $$$ for every 'thrill' rides, these rempits will confine themselves to trunk roads to avoid paying TOLLs.

Beb, satu round lagi kite rempit, amacam?
Not when it’s RM1 each time you pass a TOLL!

Decent Motorcyclists Being Penalised?
Please spare us the details about not having money to pay TOLLs when the rest of us road-users are paying for lanes you used daily. By riding a bike, you’re saving a bundle. No road tax for below 150cc, RM10 petrol for the at least 4 days usage when the rest of us are paying 6x-10x, cheap maintenance and free parking. One of the main reason the road tax exemption and free TOLL was suppose to lift the burden off students and lower-income workers.

Most students lives within earshot or in campuses, hence the road tax exemption works well but there’s no excuse of not paying TOLL whenever you feel like going to KL/major town centres to ‘Partay’ or drink with friends. As for the lower-income workers who uses bikes to work, please realised the costs of earning a living is now higher.

Why should YOU be exempted? If you’re working for the Gov, lagi bagus, semuanya ada, allowance naik, claim naik, wah! bagus sungguh your Kepala thinks of you!
The rest of us who doesn’t depend on the Gov kena pulak! Kenotler liddat! Hahaha

For some, that is…
I’ve come across other worthy solutions such as:

1. Heavy penalties/fine. You think they’ll pay? lolx
2. Merit/Point Systems. You think the bikes/number plates are not Falsified for racing/rempiting? lolx
3. Higher Insurance. Auw… refer to point no. 2. lox

All these solutions are laughable as you can see, our country is unique. We need Special Measures like our Currency Monetary solution like the Tun(aha, there’s still good in him ~ Obi Wan Kenobi) put in place during the Crisis days.

Like I put forward above, this solution is owed to a friend of mine who has seen the worst in this little Rempit Movement that’s sweeping the nation and kampungs. It’s worth a mention since it’s coming from a humble average Malaysian who wants to see this lethal trend dies a peaceful death.

Preng-preng-deng-deng-deng-deng-deng-deng-deng-deng-deng… deng–thud.