Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Somewhere in a Parallel Universe ~ Today

Our Universe
HAVANA: “I am in control.” Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi asserted his authority when he told his critics that he has not lost control of his administration. 

Parallel Universe ~ Today

Pic courtesy of Intergalactic Crap News Express of Planet Bongabonga -49th

HAVULVA: “Ayam in control”. In startling news, Babawi asserted his famous rooster as the De-factor of influence on his barn administration on Planet Bongabonga -49th where he sought to self-delusionised his environment with Hareem of white hens(500 cramped in a small pen in dismay conditions on last count ~ mob) and sacks of chicken-feed.

The TOP COCKEREL(his real name is ‘Bob’ btw ~ mob) said he was committed to making reforms in the chicken farm but would pluck things “my way.” 

However, ‘Bob’ added that he would not resort to making arbitrary changes or without consulting his barn mates which includes Khai(seefart) the duck, Nazee the neo-nazi ox, KaliGuloo the cute-goat-cum-propaganda-chief and Naheeb the cross-dressing goose.

Babawi added it was wrong of fellow barn animals to assume that he had lost control just because ‘Bob’ the rooster gives a hearty croak every morning and peck his way to his lap!

“This does not happen every day,” he added, saying that in such cases he would refer to all farm animals to put more enthusiasm into getting his loving.

Citing examples of a new hen house already in place, Babawi said he had allowed the setting up of select committees farm dogs to give the opportunity to all farm animals to give their views on important matters such as who gets to wallow in the mud besides the porkers(snog-snog!).

“We even include cows from the neighbouring farm in the committees. This is how a Barn should operate and this is one example of the reforms we initiated,” he said.  

Mob reporting for Intergalactic Crap News Express of Planet Bongabonga -49th.
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