Saturday, October 28, 2006

Climate of Cheer???

If a certain big bodek coalition (toilet)paper think we’re not under a ‘Climate of Fear’ as described by *jeng, jeng, jeng The GOM(Grand Ol Man) – preferably voiced by James. Earl Jones – Mob

Then this list of facts below are a mere fiction and should be treated accordingly.

List of facts :
1. Force closure of at least 3 press companies this year alone.
2. Books being banned as ‘deemed not suitable for the public’.
3. Conglomerates are buying into bloggers to make sure they do not write ‘bad’ articles of their wrong-doings.
4. Transperancy does not exist.
5. Meritrocracy does not exist.
6. Selective prosecution of certain individuals while MPs and Councillors abuse of power and influence goes unabeited.
7. IPCMC is in Limbo.
8. Independent press and media are constantly being warned on publishing ‘damaging’ reports.
9. Biased press and media coverage owned by the ruling coalition .
10. Official events/festivals/functions being used to propagate partisan politics when it’s irrelevent to the events/festivals/functions.
11. Civil projects payed by Taxpayers are forced to put propaganda slogans like, ‘Another Successful Project by *.
12. Peaceful protest are broken by authorities using violence on pretext of “Authorities are just defending themselves!”.
13. Denial of facts and constantly warning the rakyat ‘Not to challenge/question the *.
14. Racial sentiments are play out everytime certain wrong-doings of those in power are highlighted in the media and press.
15. Accountability does not exists.
16. Investigations in wastage of public funds are hampered and left to rot.
17. Judiciary powers are not free from ‘influences’ from *.
18. Certain uniformed organisation could break into private premises without a warrant on pretense of searching of illegals.
19. The existence of ISA.
20. Morale ‘police’ paid with Taxpayers fund to snoop, summon and detain the public deemed as behaving ‘undecently’.
21. Falsification the well-being of our economy.
22. Forcing hikes and ceilings on essentials without proper justification.
23. Using taxpayer’s funds for ‘Grandeur’ projects like: ‘space-missions’, ‘solo-around-the-world’(air/water/land), north-pole again, etc when it could be better spend on eradicating poverty at home.
24. Money-politics.
25. Banned movies and songs because of its titles???
26. Influencing and planting propaganda in education system with pro- organisations and selectively changing/omiting/’consolidating’ historical figures to champion * .
27. Rebranding of moped hell-raisers and road-terrorists under ‘Cemerlang’ banners.
28. Reasons why I’m writing these under acronyms/teka-teki/avatars and it’s good to end at this number, 2–8(Yee-Fatt, Easy to prosper – Mob)

and all I did was to spent like 15 minutes compiling this ‘small’ list. I’m sure readers could add more.
Not a ‘police state’?
You decide.

* Brickbats should be used on certain entities whose eveeel has surpassed those of ‘iblis’ like ‘doses of venom’ it seeks to poison and undermine this young nation from its greatness. Thanks for advocating it to me, KTemoc. :)