Friday, October 06, 2006

MySeefart, KukuJiaoSaya and MyBahasa

When I read about this article on our national languague I could barely grasp the significance, til I came across the same news but sourced from Yahoo! Compare these two articles:

1. BN Propaganda Paper (often used as firestarter for BBQ – mob)
2. Yahoo!

Spot the difference?

BProPap(pronounced as Bee-Prop-Pap) downplay the proposal of this Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage together with their evil-brethen, yes, the Education Ministry and Information Ministry ‘To Strengthen The National Language’.

<—— gasp

‘To Strengthen the national language’ = To fine-kau you for …jeng, jeng, jeng, *gasp again like Dr. Evil

RM Wan thoussaaaand ringgit!

Yahoo! just go straight to the point, that is if you f*ck around with BM (btw, is it Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu? My time it was B. Malaysia, in the late 90’s it was Bahasa Melayu, so which is it? – mob) then you will be shoved with a quick-cari-makan-1k-fine. There, so simple.
No bullshit about:
– ‘concerns about the proliferation of terms’,
– ‘to correct misuse of the national language’
– ‘compel those responsible to rectify the errors’
– ‘helping safeguard our national language’

wah, damn bunga-bunga(flowery) like pantun as reported by BProPap(kenot say paper name mar– mob). These flers think by Samaning people who probably thought they were using correct national language, they could selamat-jaga our national language.

What is there to safeguard if people will think twice before using our national language for fear of making errors and kena saman 9–9(kau-kau)? Then it will ceased to be a ‘national language’ since everyone avoid using it.

Betul Tak? Betuuuuulll… otak simple gua oso can figure it out, baik gua jadik minister, ok? ahakhakhak…

Amaciam my Bahasa Rojak?