Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cloner In The Dark Over Cloning Himself - Planet Bongabonga -49th

Dr. MuhamMADxx Abduloo Ghanixx # 456 came forward to declare that he was the original humanoid cloner implicated by two toiletpapers as being involved in a ‘self-cloning’ scam. 

“I am the only Genitalist in this country who has been given bulk CPs(Cloning Permits) to clone identical self of his clients,” he said multiplying himself.

However, Dr. MuhamMADxx # 455 said, he had stopped managing his lavatory(how you think he clones? by pissing of course! – Mob), which smuggle reconditioned and used human organs, since his appointment as TDC(The Designated Cloner) six years ago

“My clone and his staff consisting of more clones have been running the show. I am not involved in the business at all. I don’t know what was going on although the CPs were issued under my clone’s clone’s name,” he said mirroring himself.

The two water closets reported yesterday that a cloner and his clone had collaborated to clone the clones. They reported that the Custom Clone Department(CUM) had evidence of the scam with the seizure of at least 20 imported luxury human organs and various nerve systems brought in under cloned clones of clones. 

“I deny any involvement in any shady deals,” said Dr. MuhamMADxx who lodged a toilet flush over the toiletpaper articles in Kota Baroo yesterday.  

“I have no knowledge of how the clones were cloned. It is not right for the toiletpapers to say I was involved. The allegations are stink, pong and downright shitty.” 

“I have pull a flush on this.” 

He said that when Custom Clone Department officers(CUM) investigated cloned clones at his lavatory late last year, he had cooperated with them in the mass anal-probing

Dr. MuhamMADxx, who has a 44.4444% stakes/impaler in the MudValley-based cloning lavatory, claimed somebody else had cloned him and sold himself for a profit. 

“I want the CUMs to investigate this matter and the allegations made by the toiletpapers against me,” he said scrtching his clone.

Custom cloning-preventive division director’s other clone Mohamedo Adnano Ariffino #389 said yesterday the cloner was given about 70 CPs a year, while another cloner received some 300 CPs from the International Tirade and Tyranny Ministry. 

He said investigations revealed that cloned clones were used because the two clone’s lavatories imported human organs beyond their quota. 

The cloner’s  lavatory imported about 150 luxury human body-parts such as branded Mercedes Genitals, Bladder MW, Mazda Kidneys and Toyota Spleens while the other businessman brought in 700 Hyundai small intestines, he said. 

Adnano #389 said the cloned clones were not detected earlier “because they were used in different places and at different times.” 

The department, he said, was unable to authenticate the validity of the clones when the documents were used. While the CUM database could verify that such an CP existed, it did not indicate whether the CP had been used, he explained obviously contradicting his clone’s statements. 

When the CUMs learnt late last year that the two lavatories’ human organ imports exceeded their quota, the department suspected that cloned CPs were used. 

Early this year, The BlightedStar reported that the CUMs Department found that some CPs had been “recycled”.  

CUMs director-general’s clone Datuk Abdulo Rahmano Abduol Hamido # 55 recently announced that three cloning lavatories, including two well-known cloners and importers, would be charged soon with abusing their cloning technology. 

Adnano #389 said the investigation papers had been forwarded to the Attorney-General’s Other-Half Chambers of Cloning the Clones. 

Early this year, the ministry set new conditions that require the Heart and Liver numbers of imported human-organs to be stated in the CP. 

“Since then, we have not detected any duplication or cloning of clones. We hope this will bring an end to such scams,” he said repeating himself.

– Reported by Mob’s clone * 34 for Interplanetary Crappy News
– Reported by Mob’s clone * 35 for Interplanetary Crappy News
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