Monday, April 25, 2005

Babies and Getting over it!

A friend and I chat up last nite and one similarity we shared were both of were unattached. We wondering why were we still swinging it. She wanted a baby but after I enlightened her about pregnancy, she start thinking about it, real hard. Starting a family is no easy task, one childhood friend has to sell his Perdana V6 and downgrade 'coz a baby is on the way, another has 2 baby boys waking up during midnite but it all seem irrelevant once you're holding your flesh and blood. I remember a close friend and ex-colleague told me after his baby-girl was born 2 years ago. He said all your trouble seems to 'fade' away once you are holding and coaxing your baby to sleep in your arms. Sure make a great sight to behold. Father and baby daughter.

Guess you haven't really grow up until you face parenthood and make all those sacrifices. I have another friend who seem to unappreciative of parenthood. Well, it was a gunshot wedding and he was an unwlling father, the 2nd baby boy came and each time, he will be on a drinking binge, not for celebration sake coz you can't be celebrating from 3pm till 11pm? I think everyone has a friend or relative like that. Will we fare any better? Tough question.

Read a friend's blog, she paints a pretty picture of exciting things. That's the problem, only exciting stuff. Nothing dull and lame ever occurs, like turning on Disney or Hallmark channels on the whole day. I prefer real-life ppl who struggles to go through each day. Painting a beautiful picture on your blog is fun but not putting your real state of mind is akin to running an election campaign. Might buy you votes but preparing you for the job it doesn't.

Getting over your Ex.
Ha, here's are some survivor guides to help those who still haven't got over their last relationship, yeah, yeah, right you did, read on, never hurts to learn a couple of new tricks:

  • Immerse yourself with your goal/work.
    Yeah, time to dust off the 5 year list of To-dos, or you might find you have the 'extra' time to put in the lack of 'enthutiasm' your boss always complain about. How it helps? Well for once you won't have anytime left in you to worry about what she's doing now or if he would bring his new gf to your fav romantic 'spot'. Hey, if you're doing a good job, you might even have a real career. The Cons: You might reach an influential postion, expect the whole bunch of zealots talking and kicking your ass at every opportunity.
  • Get yourself a re-bounder
    A fav among girls but works the same for guys. A re-bounder is someone you have a short-live intimate relationship with. Preferably some who fancies you at a distance but shy enough to remain that distance. You might even buy her/him some confidence til they are brave enough to have a real date. The Cons: She/he might get real pissed after you had your time with them and start an ambition to 'annihilate or destroy' you. Time to change your Yorkshire terrier with a Rottweiler.
  • Go on vacation.
    Alone. Backpack and bring as little money as possible, keeps you on the edge. You will think on everyway possible to keep your expenses low. Meet smelly locals and Mat Sallys who are prolly sympathies wit you enough to share your tiny little bed at the local YMCAs. The Cons: You might get too 'local' or worse sold off as a slave to some rich Middle-east nation as their yellow-batty boy.

Never ever, I said again, ever! go back to your Ex for help. You are giving yourself a reason to see him/her again. Chances are, you will find yourself falling ALL OVER again, hey, you got smitten the 1st time, you will for the 2nd or 3rd,etc. You will ruin his/her chance of starting anew with someone else. You love them that much, don't fuck it up for them, it's hard enough breaking with you. Spare them your misery.

And oh, Good luck, you will need it.