Friday, April 29, 2005

Things that go bump in the night...

I am nocturnal. I like the stillness at night. The quietness and serenity it impose on all life after a hard day's work. My world are lit by room lights and street lamps. My road would be in hues of yellow with tints of orange. The only uncanny lights will be the coppers in bright 'space-blue' lights spinning on top of their car hood. I see folks in the newpaper delivery business stacking their deliveries on their rides, sleepy school kids working graveyard-shift at 7-11s and market folks unloading their goods at stalls. It's always the pork to arrive first. I'm sure you have been at the back of a Porker Truck at wee hours in the morning while driving back from clubbing and yet they have the nerve to say pork-eaters are naturally lazy. I will bitch-slap those dick-wats with a big slab of ham anytime. Funny how Hollywood potrays nights as sleazy and menacing. It's not, that's human intepretation on things they can't see.

The night is even better after some evening downpour. The air will smell sweet. It's just a metaphor. Don't get me wrong, it's no sugar-sweet but sweet to breathe. You folks ever notice, those room-temp water taste 'nicer' on rainy nights? no kidding. I don't wanne figure out the science in it. It's just is.

I work best at night when there's no phones ringing every 2 minutes or people buzzing pass with their thoughts equally fast as their pace. My mind buzzes with activity when the sun sinks contrarry to what they teach us at schools. It started couple of years back when we had crazy gung-ho schedules, a demo or presentation will need to be prepared by morning, by the time it's completed, it would be too late to go back and catch a quick nap. By 10 next morning, the demos has to be up and running. Imagine the chaos if the projector are missing a bulb or when some files are missing from the presentation while on network transfer. It carry on throughout the years, they forgot to turn me off at night. Nah, we have a whole team working on projects and my biological clock is suppose to be tune back accordingly. It just needs some adjustments. Time.

Talk about time, at night it's the best time to recollect memories, being nostalgic and all. Yeah, the first night alone with your 'other-half', first toke on weed on top of the nearest hill you can find(so they can't 'smell' your pot a mile away) and hey, they should make it must be at night when you propose to your GF so both of you could sleep on it and keep dreaming. My nights has its share of dissapointments and tragedies but I would prefer it to come at nightfall. It makes your experience seems surreal and out of this world. It's the morning that wakes you up from both your nightmares and dreams. Mornings are grand and signals the onslaught of ppl activities to follow. I doubt you can still hear cockerels coz most are turned into dinners. Instead you will hear the roars of buses, those damn filthy diesel school buses, factory buses, hell, I suspect there's a conspiracy by the Gov on waking ppl by randomly paying ppl to drive old noisy wankers around our house! The weirdest thing is, I find myself longing for the night when morning comes. Like the cookie-baking Oracle said in Matrix, "...everything that has a begining has an end."
*follow by Agent Smith gouging her eyeballs out... nice.