Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"It’s war against Rave"

"It’s war against designer drug abuse"
No I did not get my Title Blog wrong. Piece the puzzle together and you get the idea. End of designer drugs means the end of Feng-tau(Rave is Feng-tau) music ~period(love to use this word alot). Everyone knows you need feng-tau pills for feng-tau music 'coz when your 'real' stamina starts to kick in, it will be the end of those 3-4 hours marathon non-stop hollering in the air like a bat out of hell.

For those who only knew clubbing through pills and dance music, well, it's time for you to know there are other music out there and other fun things to do besides getting duked out in clubs. Just remember, there ain't no free love here. PLUR is just a tag from Europeans trying to be hip while peddling their 'wares'(drugs, free-sex and a reason for wearing fluffy-hats.)

Talk about drugs, I'm hooked on ciggies myself, it's the same, it will get me in time. For all yall pill-users, you will find yourself talking with uncontrollable mouth-spasm, no shit. Saliva will drool outha your mouth, you will slur without realising it till you see your friends staring at you, awed(you might wanne buy a Pacifier, yes the little plug babies chew on, refer pic below). Now you remember why you were always grinding your mouth during clubbing. You will sweat like a wet dog even in a fully air-conditioned room. I have a chair here which is a proven 'souvenir' from a dude 1/3 of my size. This chair has 'yellowish' stains all over it. Yes, it was soaked by the a dude I knew a couple of years back. A new colleague is using the chair unsuspectingly. Now I know how he gets his creative inspirations from. The bull about estacy lasting only a couple of hours is partially true, the 'euphoria' feel ends but its traces last in your body for couple of weeks! Do a test on 'Meths' a week after you last had your 'Euphoria' and you'll see. Don't kid yourself by having a 'Weed' test.

You're lucky if your peddler sold you 'light' pills instead of the pure 110%, that they do by adding 'other' additives and it's not colouring if that's what you're thinking. Thanks to Proton, our national car-builder which replaces original parts with sub-standard materials, our local 'entrepreneurs' follow suit and to think why almost all our fan-pan vcd sellers kept telling us it's the real thing.

Hopefully, the clubs will start switching to other form of music. I know yall will bitch about electro-music being taken from you. Go blast it in your car(remember to close ALL windows) or listen thru your headphones, see how long you could listen to it... sober.

Know your hallucination:
Place to buy your RAVE stuff, hurhurhur