Wednesday, April 13, 2005

"Getting the job done"

The understanding that me and my bosses believes in. In my line of work, if you wanne be successful, you have to be the 'Stud' of the moment. Case scenario, slave with crappy safe accounts until you have the opportunity to juicier accounts. Some will do Pro-bono(foc) work to win awards. Pro-bono works usually allows you to dictate the creative brief thus allowing you to demonstrate your creativity.

The problem lies within the 'solution' to the advertising needs. Every art-director wants the chance to do 'Grand' and 'Glamourous' work or at least win some awards. In other words, they tend to think what's the latest media execution available for their disposal instead of addressing their client's needs. You get ads which awe and captivate audience with the trendiest sfx and media technology but doesn't resolve the clients woes. You will find it a norm in almost all agencies in Malaysia.

In print, you will only need 3 years to learn all there is to learn, for some it might take less. Innovations only comes in to shorten the process. The designing process, artwork, colour-separation, proofing and final production remains unchange. If you have the foundation, it's for keeps. For me, it comes in handy once awhile when some printworks needs to be done.
Hoping this shameless self-prromo pic would get me a lay.

I am a graphic designer by profession but has since moved on to other medias. Two factors convinced me to 'evolve'. As I had explain, print-based or publication only need 3 years of my time, the other reason was, I dislike agency lifestyle. It's fast and brutal. You will have your chance to taste what's it's like working in agencies, try it at least once if you are an art graduate. It's a major contributing factor in making me what I am today, a hypocrite. Not that I don't believe in my work but I'm happy if my clients are happy and the money is flowing in. I'm a bullshit artist in simple terms. :)

I made the transition to other media besides print 5 years ago. Self-taught plus lotsa encouragement from peers. Hey, the internet was new, DV made everyone directors and electronic music was for queers. Found out it's similar in principality, only the media changes. Never look back eversince.

Anyway, the line between you and your employer should be clearly drawn. It makes things easier when job pressure put the both of you on the brink of strangling each other to death. There's a common ground we do support though, it's no matter how argue and kill each other over our egos and opinions, we still strive to get the job done. That will be the end of it, we won't have it any other way. Afterall, clients doesn't pay us to see bickerings amongst ourselves, they are just happy to see their problems are solved.

Same could be applied when you caught yourself arguing with your best friend, no matter how ugly it might look to others, both should understand their disputes will only bring both of you to understand each other better.