Thursday, April 21, 2005

Double-meanings, records, cats, dogs and more women!

Again this pic has nothing to do with my article, this is Josie Maran. Get to know her.

How do you actually write about yourself when you find yourself unrepentant on revealing yourself? You write about something else, you write about beautiful women, street culture, music and other irrelevent stuff to take friend's mind of you. The last thing you would do is to show the others what a lambast prick you can turn out to be. For guys, it's easy to be an idiot, we're born natural to do these kinda stuff. While women champions the ideal ambitious and intelligent role, I would settle to take the lesser end of the deal. Too tired. Yall pretty things can go ahead and charge towards 'getting a better deal' out of Da Man. What you do good, someone else out there will be better. Throw in the time factor and you will screw up the whole thing. Records are meant to be broken I'm sure, but the speed of it being broken is mind-boggling. You get new crime stats, new 'revolutionary' phones, new ways of everything. The only satisfaction you get when you're at the top is to savour that couple of seconds, 'No one can take that away from you!' they say, what crap is that? 2nd place is still a loser, wining means you've reach the peak and there's no way but downhill from there onwards.

There are couple of things in life you will find a 'peak' where you can't go on anymore, your sports(1st indicator), your career(you can find other jobs which rewards you what you need) and your love. I haven't reach the 3rd peak yet.

You have to be driven for all three peaks. I find the 3rd to be the most challenging, because the 3rd peak has the 'X-factor', the rogue equation of anything that can go wrong will go wrong, the women. Loathe them but yet every fibre of your body reacts when some beautiful creatures are passing by, love them and they will leave you the second they think you're theirs. That's why we guys are meant to be 'unemotional' or so you think! Whoever brought up their sons to be 'emotional' and exceptionally kind to women are mother's conpiracy. I use the word 'exceptionally' coz I, too have a mother, but we were brought up to judge for ourselves when it is appropriate to be kind and assertive. No wonder I never like cats, they're intelligent alright, comes to you only when it's hungry or sick, never in their thoughts you're their master. You're only convenient til the next meal. Dogs are not smart but you gottha love their enthusiasm and undying loyalty. Mind you beautiful felines, purrr my way but keep those claws underwrapped.