Saturday, April 09, 2005

Dead Pigeon and Birthdays

The pic is only a renactment of the actual scene courtesy of the professional Pigeon Actors Guild(PAG). .

Raining, cold and wet. Went out a smoke, "Boom!" thunder could be heard above my head. "Plop!" A pigeon fell a couple of yards in front of office where I normally lounge smoking. Walk nearer, the dying was gasping with its eyes staring at me. Took a full 3 seconds before its eye-lid finally closed. Snuffed out, just like that. A contractor walks by and I told him about the bird. The bloke says normaly, birds won't be hurt by lightning stirkes, told me electricity would pass through their body without a scratch. Probably, the bird was shocked by the thunder and 'forgot' how to keeps its wings flapping. ??? It wasn't so much of the amazing presumption of the contractor but I was awed by how he knew. "Must be Discovery channel", thinking to myself. 'It's Good to know!' that dumb ad tag kept playing on my mind eversince. But wasn't that a CNN ad? sigh, even ads get mixed up on me. My granny would probably regard the pigeon falling from skies as a bad omen. Me? I'm thinking one less pigeon crapping on my car. ... and oh, someone's getting older by midnight tonite. ;)