Saturday, April 09, 2005

Pervesion of the MSN

Don't you felt like you're peeping through someone's life with Messenger? I hate that feeling everytime I'm checking my friend's online status.

Now with all those little 'Status' icons, you could actually put 'Away' status on your MSN with purposes of avoiding peeps you don't like and tell your fellow close MSNers that you are only available for them. The rest of those not-so-close MSNers will feel your wrath in form of having their little MSN 'Greeting' windows closed.

They should make status icons sensibly, like 'Constipating... be with you in a flush' or 'Out for a smoke, choke, choke, choke...'. I hate to guess the kind situation you're in when I'm trying to strike up a 'message' with you. For 90% of the time, folks are lying on what they're doing while messaging so don't bother on telling the truth yourself. How do you like telling your MSN buddies, you're cracking your knuckles, scratching your 'barang' or basically doing the lamest things you wouldn't do in front of them? The worst of part of messaging is when you felt that you've been trying too hard. Especially when you're trying to message the chick you think you might have a chance. We blokes are dumb as we can get, no form of 'wise-up' signals or status will wake us til it gets embarrasing or worst, stupid.

One those infamous subtle status are 'Away', if you see it on a chick's MSN, you should wise-up and realise that YOU, yes, YOU are the one she's trying to

Unless of course she tells you otherwise but for most of the times, you're shit outha luck. You will know it course it's On all the time, 24/7. Yup, you have never seen an 'Away' icon for so long since your mom went on those monthly 'Mahjongtron' with your aunties when you were a kid.

On the bright side, if you're in need of help while working on your desktop, Messaging is perfect. Other than that, it's no replacement for human contact. So message to meet afterwards, chances are, you may like what you've been messaging all this while.