Monday, April 11, 2005

Theories on women

Women are self-destructive creatures. I'm saying this coz I lack the intellect to comprehend women so by saying something bad about women I could feel better. Aaah... felt better already. All those myth about women being the fertility ground for care and nurse are fairy tales themselves. I wish women are emotionless figures with totally dependency on men. There's nothing abstract when men vent their anger, frustrations or resentment. You will see broken chairs, dented doors and mutilated small pets(hopefully not). Women are different. They have learn from their Mothers or most probably inherited some form of extra chromosomes to get 'even' the subtle way. It would put Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell to shame. They would make sure you discover the treachery yourself, only to realised it was there for you to discover. She knew which route you would take to work or which mamak you go to, randomly. Only thing is, there's no 'random' in their minds. it's a cold and calculated projection. The moment you 'intent' on doing things she doesn't like, she can sense it.(well, most of the time, we fucked up really, we're poor actors.)

to be continue...