Sunday, April 17, 2005

The best smelling club in town(just for tonite)

Free bag of goodies! Free admission! Free Drinks!
It sure get your attention alright. Anything FOC is herd mentality. Me and a couple of colleagues went to a CK One party last evening and it's the perfect scenario. Admission at 8pm as written on the ticket and we were there... with the rest of 500+ odd mix of freebie-getters. First 300 gets bags of goodies it says on the promo. Zouk was the venue for this party and I think they handled it quite well, no one died of trampling or stomping. We saw our first worst among the worst tonite, we have folks queuing up just for the bag of goodies and leave straight after that. Some posters, small measly pot of CK and some other useless stuff. Betcha it will end up at Petaling Street in for RM20. We manage to get some 'House-pouring(i.e. cheap/thuggish) brand drinks and some pretentious poster of a topless white guy being hugged by an Afro-american girl. That's so 1995. Anyway, it's good for covering up the messy shelves in my office.

The rain sizzles out and it was alright considering queuing up with the rest of your fellow party-goers who are all eager to show everyone the latest 'rave' moves on the floor? rave has moves? wobbling your hands in the air or bobbing your head like a lunatic is no moves, bud. Watch MTV and learn some 'real' cool moves. If the chick don't dig ya, then she's sorely lacking in coolness so forget about striking up a decent conversation.

Back at the partee, everyone's checking everyone who's anyone. No celebs tonite. Instead we have Joanne Kam Poh Poh, the big woman with an equally or bigger sense of humour. Probably the nicest time for the night. I remember I first saw her performance at Boom-Boom Room half a century(early 90s, it feels 50, really.) and she still have what it takes to fire up the crowd. Thank her for that. Those who can stand extreme humilation by joining in on the games staged for the night deserves every bit of the prizes they won. The partey ends at 10+ and we're back to 'Dance Music'. No idea what it is, I'm sure no one gives shit, that's us. We can take any garbage Euro throw at us. I see men, grown men and half-men tearing the dance floor, again these kind of event lacks babes.

Gosh, I miss Thursdays at Zouk. You should have seen the women dances on Ladies Night/RnB night on Thursdays! *Applause. They grab any pole or stage on Thursdays and shake their booties. Mighty fine sight if you ask me. You don't see those moves at 'Dance Music clubs'*, you can find them having 'fun' popping the pills but no girl dance good with beats at 110bpm. No Booties look good at 110spm(Shake-per-minute). It will look like a a big TATA truck zooming to and fro. It make your ass look blurry and big. Anyway, without the pill, you girls can't sustain those kinda punishment and it's not worth it. We prefer girls who can dance sexy at a slower bpm. It makes all the difference.

*anything electro driven i.e. techno, progressive, trance, house, rave, ambient, anything from the Germans or Poles.