Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bedol Savours Nasi-Kandar whilst Johorians Eats Typhoon Vamei

Family comes first, the nation can suck an egg! - Bedol
Bedol was opening a nasi kandar restaurant in Australia last month, at a time when disastrous floods hit Malaysia’s southern region”.
“The restaurant is substantially owned by Bedol’s brother, Ibrah**, and a Malaysian corporate figure Lim Ewe J**, according to the report”.

Bedol opens the restaurant in his capacity as the PM(P*** M**) of Malaysia! Read the background signage. WTF?

Since when do we have a Nasi-Kandar Outlet Opener as the premier?
Don’t you think our Johor disaster is similar to Katarina disaster when  ‘Dubya’ was slow in sending relief and aid?

Bedol is our version of Dubya.
Please save us from both.