Monday, January 22, 2007

Bolehland Law Enforcement

KUCHING: It must be a record of sorts for a florist. Her shop has been broken into more than 30 times since 2004. The latest was yesterday.

And although she has lodged over 30 reports, the police have come to her shop only three times.

"If these break-ins were the first, maybe it could be a small matter to the police, but my premises have been broken into over 30 times."
Victim showing her 'worthless' reports

In the meantime, this what our good ol Bolehland enforcers are doing:

Quote heard from this dude:
“Haaiya, I told you I’m NOT MAWI!!!”

Grumblings heard:
“Bila boleh makaaan?…”
“I miss my bantal…”
“Oui, badminton final-leh, I wanne see my sexy Mew Choo…”
“Who farted? bugggeerrr…”

Guess some ‘things’ will NEVER change no matter what you do.