Friday, January 12, 2007

MaChAi Sponsors a Bodek-Fest for MPS

KUALA LUMPUR: After protests by about 50 disabled people at the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) building in Bandar Baru Selayang two days ago, MPS is making an effort to be more sensitive to the needs of the disabled. 

According to MaChAi’s propaganda machinery.

“With the banners, protest and shouting, it was unlikely that Zainal would see them. But, if there is a discussion, we will be able to hear the problems of the disabled and find a solution,” said Tang, who met with ILTC president Francis Siva and secretary Gurdip Kaur at the MCA office in Rawang yesterday. 

Why do you think people have to carry banners, shout and protest in the first place? Sebab MPS council president BUTA serta PEKAK! Like the group told the Press(but was filtered off conveniently) MPS Council’s Laziest Bum refused to see them even when they’ve requested previously.

“My office is open and they should have approached me first. I also urge MPS officers to be more sensitive to the needs of the disabled.”  

Sorhai!(DumbFuck!), first, MPS is a fuckin’ local council, WTF does it gottha to do with your fuckin’ party? If you fuckin’ need to see your fuckin’ assemblyman everytime you need to see your local council then you (Rawang assemblyman Latuk Tang Seee Hang) must’ve been the busiest MORON! OMG, YOU’RE YOUR NAME (Latuk Tang Seee Hang*)! LOLROFLTM! Waiting for this assemblyman to take any action is akin to ‘Tang Seee Hang’, buahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah… hahahahahahahahahahahah

*Tang Seee Hang – Waiting for toilet/tandas/jamban/shithole/piss-pot/etc in Canto!

An Ode to Bodek-fest by MaChAi
MaChAi, please go crawl back under your paymaster, AMNO’s anus and suckle their faeces. Every Malaysian knows MaChAi’s the biggest turncoat party and its role as the lapdogs of AMNO.

This whole shit-fest started because of ‘alleged’ harsh treatment on disabled trader Murugan Rajoo who motorcycle was seized when he was nabbed for selling tidbits(kacang-putih) outside a school in Rawang without a licence. <—– Kinda similar to the rejected rulings of sealing off and charging property/shop owners whose premises were caught selling pirated DVDs. To all you low-life council pissers, You catch an offender, you fuckin’ saman lar, WTF you wanne seize ppl’s ride? You might wanne ‘seize’ Murugan’s poop too as evidence or his pet dog.

I propose we held a FYLC Day annually to reminds ourselves of the abuses and shit we take from these ‘civil servants’. And oh, FYLC acronym stands for Fuck Your Local Council.