Monday, January 01, 2007

Mental note, Celebrate New Year at Curve

Make a mental note to celebrate anything festive at The Curve. Why?
Here’s why:
– Concerts held (Reshmonu was the best last nite, works the crowd like 2nd nature, Jacyln look beefier than usual but I agree it’s better in every sense)
– Well-coordinated, they had Merdeka Day celebration training and the crowd knew what to expect.
– Good clean fun with civilised crowd, all urbanites. And the gwailors were wondering where we’re missing from KLCC and Bkt. bintang.
Beers are just a couple of blocks away, Laundry Bar and co has ample tables and you could always grab a seat near the surrounding. Fountains, pot plants to snuffed out your ciggies and cool side-walks. There are water-cooled huge fans and plus the open-air environment makes your beer chugging good.
– Parking space is scarce but if you don’t mind abit of walking, it will be fine. Hey, it’s new year, you ‘walk’ wherever you are in the world to celebrate. We noticed there were more cars than usual, so the word has gotten out already!
– The main lanes infront of the Curve suits the concert nicely, not too wide of a road to make you look silly dancing like an idiot but enough to see you’re bobbing your head along with the crowd.
Silly-string can sprays! You gottha have those, aplenty at street-parties. Bring goggles and extra set of shirt if you wanne look demure rising from the party-spray aftermath! And yeah, wear a cap too! An ice-breaker or race-barrier breaker to be correct, no one could stay ‘cold’ after a spray in the face! Indians, Malays, Chinese and DLLs were all too happy to indulge themselves in this massive ‘massacre’. Yeah, we were a nation with many ‘colourful faces and shirts’, but we laugh and cheer like one too! …with silly purple foam strings hanging over our heads :)
– The younger crowd had a new trend: Krumpin’/Clown-dancing. yupe, the freestylin’ street dance phenomenon which hit the US. Sadly the only we have here for the last few years was David LaChapelle’s docu-movie: Rize! but last nite, you get to witness first-hand and all voluntarily by the young chaps, hey, even a white-haired uncle was strutting his moves ala Ol Skool: Bhangra!
Fireworks! and lots of it. Nothing to lit-up your day with huge colourful bangs. Definately a crowd-pleaser.

the best thing about the whole thing is: You will see Malaysians being the friendly Malaysians you knew or heard about it from your grandma’s memoirs. Malaysians just need the ‘right’ environment to be Malaysians, friendly and warm-hearted peeps who enjoys celebrating anything under the sun and moon, bar not being restricted by half-arsed policies and ‘commandments’ from politicians and their cohorts. For those lucky tourists who were smart enough to find these hidden gems where you get to witness true diversity and unity amongst Malaysians, tell your friends about it and not those dumb-arse ‘cultural’ crap the ministries stuffed on your platter!

These are the ingredients missing from VMY2007. Malaysians being happy, not made to look happy. Guess the stumped pipes we called ministers will NEVER get to know because they will never understand what makes our country great!

Happy New Year again!